The Best CPAP Mask and BIPAP Mask for Stomach Sleepers.

Choosing the right CPAP Mask is critical. See our recommended list of CPAP masks below.

Stomach Sleepers who need to use a CPAP Mask or a BIPAP Mask require a lot patience and persistence.

• Truthfully there are no good and perfect solutions.

Getting into a comfortable position without having a CPAP mask leak is tough. The mask gets shoved into your face, whenever you turn your head and the pillow knocks off the mask to create an irritating leak.

• Many people we know have complained how the back of their neck, arms and shoulder blades area also starts to hurt after a few hours of use.

Caution - Please do not sleep with your face totally down, buried in the pillow. It is extremely dangerous. Why?

Because - You are covering the exhalation port / vent of your CPAP mask. This is where the Carbon Dioxide you exhale must escape. If you block those vents, you will re-breathe the Carbon Dioxide.

• You definitely want the cpap tubing to go over the head or to the side.

• The less bulky the mask the more success you will get.

• Out of pure frustration and tiredness, over time many stomach sleepers have trained themselves to sleep on their side using their mask. When I have asked them to show me exactly what it is they do – it appears to be a hybrid of – sort of on the stomach but really on their side.

Sleep on the edge of the pillow with your cheek laying at the edge of that pillow. Tilt your head away from the pillow. So the mask does not touch your pillow. This way you can sleep on your stomach and the mask is not pushed away by the pillow. However when you turn your head the other side, you must find your way to the other edge of the pillow. This takes practice.

The masks we are recommending are the ones our stomach sleeping patients have reported worked for them.

• The pillow should not be very firm. It needs some softness to work around the mask and create space.

Stomach Sleepers and Side Sleepers have higher incidence of strap marks on the checks of your face. If this is happening to you consider using a CPAP Strap Cover or padding. It works well.

Use a CPAP Pillow.

• Many people have also bought a memory form pillow and cut a hole/ a clearing where the mask would lay. We personally have not seen the end product. But when these patients come for their follow up visit, their data card from their CPAP show they are compliant and the leak rate is in acceptable amounts.

• A good number of CPAP Nasal Pillows users have bruised the tip of their nose because they sleep face down. So be aware of it if you choose this type of mask.


Recommended CPAP Nasal Pillows for Stomach Sleepers.

~ Resmed Swift FX

~ Resmed Swift FX for Her

~ Fisher and Paykel Opus 360

~ Resmed Mirage Swift LT

~ Resmed Mirage Swift Lt for Her

~ Respironics Optilife Nasal Pillows

~ Resmed Mirage Swift II

~ Respironics Go Life For Men.

Recommended CPAP Nasal Mask for Stomach Sleepers.

~ Respironics Comfort Gel Blue

~ Respironics Easy Life

~ Respironics Comfort Gel

~ Respironics Comfort Fusion

~ Fisher and Paykel Zest

~ Fisher and Paykel Flexifit HC 407

~ Fisher and Paykel Flexifit HC406 (for petite size nose)

~ Resmed Mirage Micro

~ Resmed Mirage Vista

~ Resmed Mirage FX

~ Sleep Weaver Advanced

Recommended CPAP Full Face Mask for Stomach Sleepers.

~ Resmed Mirage Quattro

~ Resmed Mirage Quattro FX

~ Easy Fit Gel Full Face Mask

~ Hans Rudolph 7600 series V2

~ Respironics Comfort Gel Full Face Mask.

~ Philips Respironics AMARA CPAP Full Face Mask

Recommended Hybrid CPAP Mask for Stomach Sleepers.

The Hybrid

Oral CPAP Mask for Stomach Sleepers.

We don’t recommend it. You will drool a lot and your pillow will be abundantly wet with your saliva.

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