Consumer Guide to CPAP Masks - CPAP Full Face Mask, Nasal Mask, & Nasal Pillows.

The TRUTH - " I personally HATE the fact that I have to use my CPAP machine every night". I really do.

I sincerely wish I did not have to.

However I love how I feel because I am finally able to get some deep restorative sleep with it.

It took me close to 9 months to be able to do that.

{ PLEASE WATCH this video below to understand how might be able to help you.}

Without a doubt I am better off for it. I feel I have become a better father, husband, & person because of it.

I can concentrate better, so much less irritable (ask my kids), and clearly have more energy to sustain me through out the day.

My blood pressure finally became better regulated because of it.....Thank God.

I know you have to use your CPAP machine but it is so hard to get used to it ....especially CPAP masks.

There are many many obstacles in the way.

The views expressed here are very biased and opinionated.

The thoughts and suggestions expressed here come from various medical personnel from the world of Sleep Medicine - Sleep Technicians, Respiratory Therapists and Nurse Practitioners.

We can only speak from our personal experiences. Helping people try to use the best CPAP machines, BiPAPs and masks almost on a daily basis.

We listen very closely to the feedback we get from our patients, make changes and then monitor their progress.

Many of us are also CPAP users ourselves. So we understand where you are coming from.

At least see if the advice we provide makes sense to you.

Are you looking for the best CPAP mask for you without wasting a lot of money and your patience?

One of the hardest parts of treating sleep apnea is finding the right sleep apnea mask that will be successful and comfortable for you. Here is where this website guides you.

We give you our best recommendations from the wide choices of CPAP mask selection available today.

We give you honest and useful CPAP Mask Reviews.

See our many short and informative video BiPAP Mask review and video CPAP mask review.

We show you the real strength and weakness a BiPAP mask or a CPAP mask has before you even spend any money on it.

By the way, we also get it wrong.

Example – It is only through trail and error that we realize not all Cpap masks work the same way for every one, regardless what the manufacturer’s state.

One mask may work for you fantastically but it might be uncomfortable for someone else.

In fact not all of us in this helping field have the identical experiences. Thus our recommendation is varied.

What you have here at is a potpourri of suggestions.

This is something we are acutely aware of when we work with someone.

Truthfully we do not intend to cover every single Cpap and Bipap machine and the various masks out there in market today.

Just what works a lot, what works sometimes and stay away from what has disappointed our patients.

Honestly we may not have all the answers, but we do have some that really works .

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