Consumer Guide to Overcoming Your CPAP Side Effects & Problems. Fast.

What Makes Me Qualified To Help You?

There are 4  reasons:

1) My day job. My expertise comes from working as a Respiratory Therapist (over 20 years) specializing in the treatment of sleep apnea. I work with a lot of sleep apnea patients, they either come to my office, or I go to their homes. Also I serve so many sleep apnea patients in various large, demanding, busy, major metropolitan medical center sleep departments. The patient population I serve is extremely diverse and complex as one can usually find in a major metropolitan area.

2) One of the best parts of my job is that I am surrounded by many brilliant,  outstanding clinicians who openly share their knowledge and expertise. These are Sleep Specialist, Nurse Practitioners, Respiratory Therapist and Sleep Technicians who I collaborate with. We share best practices, strategies, and ideas that work effectively with all the patients we serve. 

3) I suffer from Severe Obstructive Sleep Apnea. I stop breathing 78 times an hour if I do not use my CPAP.

My CPAP machine blows like a hurricane with an average CPAP pressure between 14 and 15cmH20. (I have an Auto CPAP).

So not only do I specialize in helping people successfully use their CPAP, but I also know exactly what you are going through.

This is because I also had an extremely tough time sleeping with my CPAP in the beginning.

My personal problems initially were claustrophobia, pain on the bridge of my nose from the CPAP mask, bloating, persistent irritating leaks and dry eyes. To make matters worse, I could not even catch my breath because my CPAP machine was blowing sooooo strong, and finally not being able to sleep more than 1 to 2 hours with my CPAP.

Now I no longer have any issues.

Now, I am inseparable from my CPAP.

Now besides my wife, my CPAP is my other best friend.  :)

4) I have a deep passion for this subject of treating sleep apnea and using CPAP effectively. Simply because I have experienced the true blessings of doing so in my personal life and witnessed it in my patients' lives. It really changes lives in a subtle yet profound way. 

Please read the verbal comments (found on the right hand side of this page.) These are from people I have helped . These are the benefits they felt when they were able to finally control their sleep apnea with a little bit of help from me. Please be inspired by their comments. 

~ "My father died at my age because of sleep apnea. I am so sure of it. I finally no longer feel that will happen to me."

~ "We divorced for many reasons. But my sleep apnea made me into a person I am not proud of. It made me very fatigued, irritable and quick to be angry all the time. I am sure it contributed to the divorce."

~ "My wife and I are back in the same bedroom together again."

~ "First thing I pack when I travel is my CPAP. No joke. "

~ "I appreciated your honesty and advice. I asked you how this would affect my intimacy with my husband with me having to wear this mask and all. Your assurance that I was not alone in thinking this way was much helpful. What you shared about what your other patients have shared plus your experience, really helped me use it. It got me over that mental obstacle. I feel refreshed in the morning to get up and get going."

~ "No more morning fatigue when I get up."

~ "Who would want to be with a woman sleeping with this thing? Your advice from other patients of yours was valuable. I am seeing someone and it never was as big an issue as I made it out to be. I was tripped up like many areas of my life on the wrong issues. Oh yes. I feel more myself. Energized."

~ " Morning Headaches when I wake up - gone!"

~ "I say yes to life more."

 ~ "I can handle more tasks without feeling overwhelmed so quickly."

~ "My concentration is so much better."

~ " Less feeling overwhelmed."

~ "I never believed you fully at first. Sorry. I actually feel I can't live without it right now."

~ "My weight is finally going down for the same amount of exercise and eating I was doing before I started on CPAP."

~ "My wife and I finally sleep in the same room after how many years of driving her away with my snoring."

~ "Confidence is improved."

~ "General sense optimism about my life I never felt in a long time. All because I sleep better with this machine. "

~ "I feel wonderful. The trick is how to get my husband one of these machines. I know he stops breathing when he sleeps. And he is always tired. But he won't listen to me."

~ "I no longer fall asleep driving."

~ "What's not to love about it?"

~ " My dog no longer walks me , I walk the dog. I used to be dragged by my dog because I was too tired to walk. If the weather is good, we go for really long walks."

~ "My kids are no longer afraid of me. I was tired and irritable all the time."

~ "My memory is better. I would walk into a room and forget all the time what I went in there for."

~ "I hardly wake up at night to use the bathroom now !. You told me this could happen and why. And I was so hoping that if the CPAP did just that, just cut down the number of times I get up to pee, it is worth it."

~ "After the divorce, I put on weight and I was so tired all the time, disengaged from my children and I was not able to meet their emotional needs. And one of my teenager was running with the wrong crowd . I found out in the nick of time only because I felt rested. I noticed more. "

~ "Happier."

~ "I don't know how to answer your question. All I can say is that I feel so much better."

~ "Do you remember my boyfriend who came with me the last time we met and you were trying to help me? After your "show and tell" on how sleep apnea messes your heart…well he went back to using his CPAP machine. You did not know this at that time but he had given up using his CPAP over 7 years ago. Its funny, now we are both on it."

~ "I never could stay up past 7pm. Now I sleep closer to 10 p.m."

~ "I went back to school at night. There is no way I had the energy to do that before."

~ "Overall better mood and energy."

~ "I should have done this a long time ago. I met so many people who gave up on it so I stayed away."

~ "I can eat whatever I want….because I now have energy to work out intensively and regularly."

~ "People say I look younger. Fresher. "

~ "Knowing it helps prevent Strokes keeps me motivated. I grew up looking after family member who suffered a severe stroke. I want no part of it! I feel safer using my CPAP."

~ " Slow down aging. I was feeling like an old man before I was really old. Now I have energy."

~ " Do you know I saved a lot of money because of my CPAP. I no longer buy fast food and junk food to keep me going. I always loved to cook but never had the energy to do it. Now I cook and my kids are slowly getting use to the idea of fresh home made healthy food. They are not there yet but we are never going back to the old days."

~ "I so look forward to sleeping. I love how I feel waking up."

~ "My wife says I am less pessimistic than I use to be."

~ "When my doctor told me it helps fight dementia, I was sold. I know cognitively I am already feeling the positive difference."

~ "My cardiologist is convinced that sleeping with my CPAP will save my life. It takes the strain of my heart. He saved my life before. I trust him. "

~ "Improved my quality of my life in many ways. Hard to explain."

~ "No more addicted to coffee and energy drinks. Don't need it. I still drink it but I don't need it to survive like I use to."