Sleep Apnea and Dementia and Nursing Home CPAP requirements.

Nursing home CPAP requirements. Perhaps you are the caregiver for someone elderly that has problems remembering instructions.

Or perhaps it is sleep apnea and dementia. You want a CPAP mask that works but is easy for the caregivers to use on your loved one.

• Are you forgetting the instructions on how to use the mask frequently?

• Did you feel overwhelmed by the amount of instructions given during the initial setup of the cpap and mask? • You just want a mask that is simple, un-complicated, easy to use and it works.


a) “Two heads are better than one”. Have a family member or a friend be present during the teach. Just in case you forget, you could call on the other person just to help remind you. We do this a lot for our patients who appear to be overwhelmed by the instructions and have problem retaining instructions.

b) Write down instructions by hand in your own words. For many people the thought of reading the instructional manual that comes with the CPAP mask, is intimidating.

c) Practice putting on and taking off the mask during the day time with no intentions to sleep. For example, dedicate 10 minutes sometime during your waking hours to learn and figure out how to use the mask. Trying to use a new mask for the first time just minutes before going to sleep is a recipe for failure. Why? – At night, you are tired and your patience level is at an all time low. Most people are then quick to condemn a mask as “useless and not working”. There is always an adjustment period required. So be patient with yourself.

d) Do not take the mask apart for cleaning by yourself. You either have someone else do it for you or clean the mask without taking it apart.

e) Have the Respiratory Therapist from the Home Medical Equipment company visit your home and provide re-instructions a few days later. • Please keep in mind that all masks with enough practice become easy. What we are recommending below are what our patients who fit the above category seem to like.


CPAP Nasal Pillows that has simple features and easy to use:

1. Resmed Swift LT

2. Fisher and Paykel Opus 360

3. Respironics Go Life for Men

4. Fisher & paykel Pilairo Nasal Pillows

CPAP Nasal Mask that has simple features and easy to use:

1. Respironics Easy Life

2. Fisher and Paykel Zest

3. Fisher and Paykel Flexifit HC 407

4. Fisher and Paykel Flexifit HC406 (for petite size noses)

CPAP Full Face Mask that has simple features and easy to use:

1. Fisher and Paykel Forma

2. Resmed Quattro FX

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