Video Review : Resmed Mirage Swift LT. Resmed CPAP Masks Analysis.

This is a video review for the Resmed CPAP Nasal pillows called Resmed Mirage Swift LT. Through out this Swift LT CPAP Pillows review, I will highlight the strengths and weakness this mask has and how it will affect you.

This is a good nasal pillows and very popular when it first came out. It has been superseded now by the Resmed Mirage Swift FX Nasal Pillows. I’ll show that to you in another video, but this is still a very popular resmed swift mask. A lot of sleep center have prescribed this and continue to do so.

It’s light weight. You must be able to breathe through your nose. If you breathe through your mouth this is not going to work out for you. You could use this if you open your mouth, but you would then need a chin strap. Otherwise you need a cpap full face mask, oral cpap mask or a hybrid cpap mask.

One of the biggest problems of this, I’m going to jump right into a real quick negative, I don’t know why it is, but I’m going to zoom in on here, because a lot of people get bruising right here on the tip of the nose. I think it could use a little bit more cushioning.

But, once again I do not know the reason for it, but a fair amount of people get bruising right here, including me whenever I tried it I would get the bruising.

This is not good for somebody who has a thick mustache. The reason why is … let me show you. As you can see this is a little bulky. You’ll feel it right here on the upper lip and if you have thick mustaches that’s going to be tough trying to get a good seal.

Yes, you can read with this thing in bed. You definitely can read with this in bed and you can watch TV in bed. So, it is also good for if you have claustrophobia. this is a very good nasal pillow system to try. It is good for side sleepers and back sleepers too, because it has a small footprint, so when you go on your side it tends to stay in place a little better.Now, because this is a nasal pillows you run the risk of drying your nasal passages a little bit easier. But, you can fix it by simply raising the heat setting on your heated humidifier and you’re good to go. That will raise your humidity level.

Right here, this is your exhalation port, I’m going to zoom in a little bit. Can you see these little holes? It’s very quiet and does a good job blowing your exhaled air away from your bed partner. The other thing is this benefit here, see how I move this? This is important, by doing so it changes – see how this is pointing at a certain angle? Well, if you do this now it points upwards. This changes the angle of which it enters your nostril, so you can play around and adjust that. By the way, this mask is not recommended by a lot of therapists, if your CPAP pressure or settings is 10 or higher. It tends to be a lot more uncomfortable, because at a higher cpap settings you have two jet streams of air going right into your nostrils, so it becomes uncomfortable and you’ll get a lot more noise coming out of the exhalation port. There are always exceptions to the rule, there is a huge population of people who by some miracle are able to use the resmed swift lt at 17 cmh2o, which is like a hurricane blowing up the nose, but they’ve been able to use it.

The headgear is good. The bad thing is its one size fits most. In the packaging, I want to show you this, you can have the headgear go above the head like so. There’s a clip there you use to make it go over the head. which is a really good idea because it reduces drag. By putting this over the head you have less incidence of leakage, because when you roll around in bed and if this is flopped over by your chest you would tend to get tangled up in the hose and end up pulling on it.

Some people feel this, even though it’s sort of like a felt material, they do get bruising or mark on the chest. However, this particular mask you can get what they call soft wraps, it’s like a small cushioning that you can add onto here to prevent redness or marks at your cheeks.

The nasal pillows that come in it are l, small, medium, and large. (Around April 2011, I have notice the Swift LT now comes in 4 sizes in one packaging. – they have added extra small in the packaging) Do yourself a tremendous favor, please, when your home medical equipment company gives you this and your doctor most likely will prescribe “medium size Swift LT pillows”, make sure they give you all three sizes. You want all three sizes, because you want to go home and play with it, try different sizes.

Otherwise, the home medical equipment company will, for example if the prescription was written for a medium swift lt, many home medical equipment company will only give you the medium size pillows and nothing else. And if you find when you do a follow up visit to your sleep doctor and they find you’re getting a lot of leakage from the data card. You will then need the larger size nasal pillows. Since you were never given all the remaining size pillows, you then have to reorder and pay for another new resmed swift lt. These three sizes of nasal pillows come in the packaging, so ask for it and make sure they don’t walk away with it.

There is another version of this called the Swift LT for Her, just don’t let the name fool you. I wish they didn’t call it Swift LT for Her. The difference there is it comes with an extra small or a petite size nasal pillows and small and medium size nasal pillows. So, if you know you have really small nostrils, order the Swift LT for Her. This way you are insured an extra small nasal pillow.

The other drawback with this cpap nasal pillows is when you take the cushion out, can you sort of see it says Resmed and an “M” for medium right there? These things should be pointing up. If you take it out for cleaning purposes and if you put it backwards, which I’ll tell you I’ve gotten many phone calls and I’ve gone out to many houses to help people overcome this issue to teach them how to put this thing the proper way. Because you’ll get a lot of leakage and also end up with a little bit of bruising on your nostril. Once you know how to put it, which is the right way up, it’s a cinch. This is it for the Swift LT by Resmed.

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