Hybrid Cpap Mask - What You Must Know Before Getting It

• It works.

• Honestly Hybrid Cpap Mask is not our first choice.

• Our first choice is usually to try a Full Face Cpap Mask. Why? – Simply based on our patient feedback and long term compliance. We have received more first time Cpap user success with the Cpap full face mask.

• When someone is absolutely Claustrophobic and needs a full face mask, that’s when we suggest this type of mask. • Don’t get us wrong, the Hybrid Cpap Mask works. It seems to work best as an emergency back up mask for most of our patients.

• But just like all masks it has strengths and weaknesses.

• As you can see it is part Cpap Nasal Pillows and part an Oral Cpap Mask.

• You can wear your glasses.

• Pressure points on the forehead are not there. Nothing touches the forehead.

• You can read in bed or watch TV in bed. • It does not touch the bridge of the nose where a lot of Cpap users complain of bruising. Pressure ulcers from Cpap Masks.

• Most Hybrid Mask generally comes with various size nasal pillows and mouth cushions. You must play around with the various sizes to establish the right fit.

• Your nose, mouth and throat will dry out quickly. You must use your heated humidifier and know how to raise the humidity output level – just raise the heat setting on the heater. • Incidence of Cpap Mask Leaks tend to be around the mouth area.

• Thick Mustaches and Beards – low success rate. Hard to get a good seal. • No more Cpap Chinstraps. You do not need it with this type of mask.

• At higher Cpap settings (Example - 15 cmH20) – we have had people complain how noisy a hybrid mask is . This however has not stopped our patients from using this type of masks. • Learning how to put on and take off the hybrid masks requires a little bit of patience and time.

Hybrid Cpap Mask - Common Mistakes People Make

If your nostrils are sore from using the Hybrid Mask,

It is possible:

a) You have inserted the nasal pillows to deep into your nostrils.

b) You have the wrong size nasal pillows.

c) You put the nasal pillows on upside down.

d) Your nasal passages are too dry. The Cpap Humidifier setting is to low.

• To our surprise, we have had good success using this type of masks on someone complaining they are possibly allergic to the silicone material of their current Cpap Full Face Mask. Here is what is strange - Hybrid Cpap Mask are also made from silicone. Is it possible that they are allergic to silicone in certain areas of their face only and not in others?

Or was it never an allergic reaction but bruising in the first place? Was it misdiagnosed ?

Always consult with your physician if you even think you are having an Allergic reaction to your Cpap Mask.

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The 2 Types of Hybrid Cpap Masks and their Manufacturer are:

a) The Hybrid - made by Innomed

Hybrid CPAP Mask Video Review

b) Resmed Mirage Liberty - made by Resmed

Mirage Liberty Video Review

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