My Hybrid CPAP Mask Is Leaking and Drying Me Out

Mark had written to us regarding his problem - " My Hybrid CPAP Mask Is Leaking and Drying Me Out. "

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The Hybrid CPAP Mask - Fatigued and Tired - By Mark 
(Independence, Missouri)

I started Cpap about 2 months ago.

I used a CPAP full face mask with the forehead bolt that tightened down. I found the mask on the floor more than on my face.

This lasted 2 weeks. I stopped for a short period before finding the Innomed Hybrid CPAP mask. I really like this one, well who really likes this? But I can tolerate this mask. But here are my issues with Cpap and am asking for help on this one.

1) The first week using the hybrid I breathed through my mouth. I got extremely dried out. The next day I as extremely exhausted. By the end of the day I was toast.

The next week I started breathing through the nose tubes. I have felt not as tired but still have felt somewhat tired. Kind of the opposite of how I thought I would be feeling. I wonder if I am getting enough air. Why do I feel like this?

Issue 2), I have is with the mask. This mask has tubes for the nasal passages. I put mentholated chest run on my inner nasal to help seal the tubes but during the night about half way through I wake to one tube not being in my nasal. I have a hard time with one leaking. The other is fine. Not sure what to do about this. I thought I would tape the tube to my nose.

Some comments I have about some of the forums that I have read. Sleep debt? Are they serious? It sounds like the devil is punishing you and you have to give back the sleep that you were deprived of. Give me a break. Conclusion: we put a man on the moon but we cannot come up with a simple solution to CPAP. And it seems (sorry if I offend anyone) that the Techs and medical supply place that I use (not for long) just do not give a sh*t. Thank you for your time. (I have a setting of 10 and a CPAP heated humidifier.

Our Response

In this video I attempt to show you what has worked for a few of my patients that had similar problems.

Lets try to make do with what you already have.

• Question - Where you ever measured for the Mirage Quattro Full Face Mask? The wrong size (if it is too large it will cause a leak.)

• How to use the forehead cushion to reduce leaks. See my video review on it. ….

• Preheat your heated humidifier. See if your CPAP heated humidifier can do this.

• Raise the heat level.

• Try using Ayr Saline Nasal Gel.

• See the review on the “The Hybrid”… • Mix and match the Nasal Pillows that comes in the Hybrid CPAP Mask.

• Feeling less tired usually indicates.... your are getting therapeutic sleep but just not enough and continuous.

• Sleep Debt accumulates. You can’t pay the debt off in one night of really good night sleep. You need multiple nights in a row. The problem is … the average person finds it very hard to get very good and therapeutic sleep more than 10 hours in one stretch. There is a limit to how much deep sleep an average healthy person can achieve in one night. By the way 2 primary ways that sleep debt creates problems are :

a) It becomes very hard to pay Full Attention.

b) Our Reaction Time becomes Significantly slowed down.

• The more and continuous recovery sleep you get …the better off you will feel.

• The average person will take close to 6 months to 9 months to get used to using their CPAP machine. (That’s just been my observation working with many people over the years.)

Discipline - the moment you notice the mask is off your face you must discipline yourself to put it back on. - wise advice given to me by a number of long time CPAP users who have had problems initially when they first started using their CPAP a long time ago.

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