DeVilbiss CPAP Machine - Video Review ( Part 2 of 4)

DeVilbiss CPAP Machine - Part 2 of 4 Video Review about the Power Supply and Filters. If you travel a good bit or if you have allergies you must see this.

This short video below is about the Power cord. This power cord does not have a power brick or the power supply.

I created another video that shows you four different CPAPs lined up next to each other showing you which is the longest ,the shortest, and the one which has a power brick and that which doesn't have a power brick. This doesn't have the power brick, okay?

So, I want you to watch the other video , just to show you that the voltage on this is 100 to 240 watts. You can hook up a battery right here to it.

For about $25 or so, just shop around the Internet, they're around $25. You can buy a 12 volt DC power cord that hooks one end to this and the other end to your cigarette lighter adapter too -- your cigarette lighter port in your car, your RV. You can do that. This one will convert internationally on the inside.

As far as the DeVilbiss CPAP Machine power cord length, I sort of mentioned it earlier to you, it is about the third longest power cord compared to ResMed CPAP, which has the longest.

Respironics CPAP comes second. This is third. Fisher and Paykel CPAP ICON is the shortest. Watch that other video. Its shown clearly in it ,you can really see it. This becomes an issue for those if you are someone who has to travel often and stay in hotels , Lord knows ! finding an outlet near to the bed in a hotel can be challenging !!!

I have so many CPAP travelers, business travelers, who use CPAP machines. They bring an extension cord with them. So, that's something to think about.

The filter is in here. There are two filters,

a white coloured fine filter , and a gross filter. It's fantastic . Use both of them because this one cannot be washed .

Especially if you have allergies , you need to check on it carefully , at least every month. This one can be washed. So, this is what its uses are , compared to . . .

There is a similar feature found on the Respironics REMStar Series. Both the ICON and the ResMed use a disposable fine filter,. According to the manual, they want you to check it every ten days, at least.

Let me pause it for now, and I'll come back with another.

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