Cpap Adjustments & Cpap Pressure Settings - Here’s what you do to overcome the issue of High CPAP Settings.

• There are 8 strategies for CPAP adjustments you can initiate. Use them to resolve your CPAP Settings or CPAP Pressures issues that make it very difficult for you to sleep.

• What is high CPAP pressures? Is 7 cmH20 high or 16 cmh20 high? This is a personal question. If it feels high for you, then it feels high for you.

• You want a mask that can handle truly high pressures with minimal air leakage and “farting noises”.

• There are some masks that really work for high pressures (we do not know the reason why) . But the end results are a lot of the people who initially complained of intolerable high pressures actually are able to comfortably use their CPAP and BIPAP machine through the night. • However just to give you some perspective, the majority of CPAP machines can be programmed to accommodate the lowest pressure of 4cmH20 and the highest pressure as 20 cmH20. The sleep test you took helped determined the right CPAP setting that is needed to keep your airway that is obstructed open.

Until then – this is what you can do :

a) Have the doctor prescribe a longer ramp time.

b) Use C-Flex or EPR at a higher setting.

c) Have the doctor lower the prescribed pressure for a few weeks and slowly raise it as you become accustomed to it.

d) Desensitization Method. This video below shows the Desensitization Method. We use it whenever someone complaints that their CPAP pressure is so strong or for complaints of Claustrophobic / Anxiousness feelings when using their mask.

e) Use“heated CPAP tubing” if your CPAP or BiPAP machine has the capability to handle it. Many people have remarked how much lighter the air feels when you use this type of CPAP tubing. Example - The Resmed S9 Elite CPAP's and the Fisher & Paykel ICON Series can handle this.

f) Prescribe an Auto CPAP, This way your average CPAP pressures are not always high.

g) Use a BIPAP. A lot of insurance companies are beginning to follow Medicare guidelines with regards to BIPAP.

They will pay for a BIPAP under the following criteria:

1. First start with CPAP.

2. Try 2 to 3 different masks. If it is still intolerable then…

3. Try using a BIPAP.

h) Use a different type CPAP mask that can handle high CPAP settings.

Recommended CPAP Nasal Pillows for High CPAP Settings.

1. Respironics Optilife Nasal Pillows. – This is the only nasal pillow we recommend for the genuinely high pressures like 18 cmh20 up to 30 cmh20. It amazes us how this performs on hurricane like settings. Other nasal pillows definitely can handle high cpap pressures but this is the only one that we have seen repeatedly perform well.

Now for the rest of us who “just feels” their pressures are high but in actuality the settings are average. For that we recommend:

1. Resmed Swift FX

2. Resmed Swift FX For Her

3. Fisher and Paykel Opus 360

4. Resmed Mirage Swift LT

5. Resmed Mirage Swift II


Recommended Nasal CPAP Mask for High CPAP Settings.

The below 2 sleep apnea masks do a heck of a job making high CPAP pressures feel weaker than it really is. We do not know why or how it does that.

1. Resmed Mirage Soft Gel

2. Respironics Easy Life

The following Nasal CPAP Masks are great for high CPAP Pressure settings. They function well. However they do not make the pressure feel weaker:

1. Respironics Comfort Gel Blue

2. Respironics Comfort Gel

3. Resmed Activa LT

4. Fisher and Paykel Zest

5. DeVilbiss Easy Fit Gel Mask

Recommended CPAP Full Face Masks for High CPAP Settings.

1. Respironics Comfort Gel Full Face

2. Resmed Mirage Quattro

3. Fisher and Paykel Forma

4. DeVilbiss Easy Fit Gel Full Face Mask

5. Hans Rudolph 7600 series V2

Recommended Hybrid CPAP Masks for High CPAP Settings

The Hybrid

Recommended Oral CPAP Mask for High CPAP Settings

We do not recommend using any Oral CPAP Mask. You will experience unbelievable dryness.

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