CPAP Nasal Pillows . 

• You must be a nose breather and not a mouth breather.

• You can read in bed or watch TV in bed with nasal pillows.

• Great if you are claustrophobic.

• Lower incidence of leaks. (Compared to all the other categories of cpap mask)

• Easier to achieve a good seal.

• Good for cpap and bipap pressures that are 10cmH20 and lower.  We find more people are successfully able to use cpap nasal pillows at settings 10 cmh20 and under.

• Why? Because at higher cpap pressures, you have 2 powerful jet streams of air directly entering your nostrils with great force and making it very uncomfortable.

• Exception! However there is one particular model of cpap pillows that has demonstrated its capability time and time again, to deliver very high pressures in manner that is comfortable for the person. We mean a hurricane like high pressures. – example 25cmh2O.  

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• By the way, a “Cpap Pillow” is different from a Cpap Nasal Pillow. A Cpap Pillow is a specialized pillow that has cut outs. This way you can sleep on either your right or left side and the cpap mask is not knocked out of place.

• The common complaints are - severe dryness, higher incidence of nose bleeds and pain .

• If the inside of your nostrils are sore , it’s possible you have inserted the nasal pillows to deep into your  nostrils or you have the wrong size nasal pillows or you put them on upside down or your nasal passages are too dry.

• Extremely easy to put on and take off at night- especially if you have to use the bathroom. You can easily slip the nasal pillows back on with out loosing your ability to fall back to sleep quickly.

• You will get 3 different sizes of nasal pillows packed in that one package. In some models you will get 4 sizes. You absolutely must use that to your advantage.

• Some medical home care companies will only give you the one size pillows as prescribed by the physician. Example. – If the doctor only wrote “Resmed Swift FX CPAP Nasal Pillows - Medium Size”  on the prescription, you run the risk of only getting the medium size pillows. What you want is for that home medical equipment company to give the small and large size pillows also. Why? 

• With a nasal pillows a general rule that has worked with many people is first try the smaller size pillows first so that you get comfortable and actually start using the cpap. Once you are accustomed to it, jump up on to the next size of the pillow to get a good seal and minimize leakage. Remember most DME companies will give you all 3 sizes of pillows. Play with them all to get a good seal.

• But as soon as you find you are experiencing air leaks, please use the next pillows size up .

• Use Lanolin Lotion on the nostrils to soothe it and get a good seal.

• Keep your nasal pillows clean to avoid infection.

• If you ever feel you are not getting enough air while using your nasal pillows, most likely the pillows have collapsed on it self. Pull the nasal pillows away from your nose and let your cpap or bipap pressure re-inflate the pillows. Then reinsert it back into your nostrils.

• Almost all cpap pillows are good for the active sleeper. Keep in mind, generally speaking somebody who moves around in bed a lot is someone whose apneas a have not been resolved. Sometimes that indicates a need to raise the cpap pressure.

There are  3  methods  to choose a good CPAP Nasal Pillow for you. Only one has proven to be the most effective way.

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