Cpap Mask Problems & Cpap Mask Uncomfortable - Solutions for the Active Sleeper.

If you move around in bed a lot, then you are an Active Sleeper. This causes a lot of CPAP mask problems and CPAP mask uncomfortable issues.

If you are not sure you are an Active Sleeper, just ask your bed partner.

An example of this is if you start of in one side of the bed and end up on another part or, the blankets and pillows are thrown all over the place, or the bed sheets are pulled away from the mattress.

The active sleeper tends to have high incidence of leaks simply because in your movement you knock the cpap mask out of place.

If this is you, don’t despair there is a number of very good masks that we have seen work very well for you.

Keep in mind , one of the reasons sleep apnea patients move around in bed a lot is because their sleep apnea is not actively been resolved. Your body will make you move around a lot with the hopes that you will wake you up enough to make your shift your body position so you breathe. This is a protective mechanism.

• The masks we are recommending are the ones our active sleeping patients have reported having continued success with.

Recommended Cpap Nasal Pillows for the Active Sleeper.

Resmed Swift FX


Fisher and Paykel Opus 360

Resmed Mirage Swift LT

Go Life by Respironics

Recommended CPAP Nasal Masks for the Active Sleeper.

Resmed Mirage Activa LT ( Activa Cpap Mask)

Resmed Mirage Soft Gel

Respironics Easy Life

The Sleep Weaver Advanced

Respironics Comfort Gel Blue

Respironics Comfort Gel

Fisher and Paykel Zest.

Resmed Mirage FX

True Blue by Respironics

Recommended CPAP Full Face Masks for the Active Sleeper.

Respironics Comfort Gel Full Face Mask

Resmed Mirage Quattro

Easy Fit Gel Full Face Mask

Resmed Quattro FX

Hans Rudolph 7600 series V2

Recommended Hybrid CPAP Mask for the Active Sleeper:

- We don't recommend it. We have had no success with any of our actively moving CPAP patients using the Hybrid CPAP Masks. So we do not feel comfortable recommending it.

The same thing with the Oral CPAP Mask

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