13 Common Side Effects of Using CPAP Chinstraps You Must Know.

1. “CPAP Chinstraps"!  It is bad enough I have to deal with using a CPAP Mask; now you’re suggesting I try what?!  This is too much. I’d rather not use anything at all.” 

……..This is sometimes the response I get from sleep apnea patients that are mouth breathers (they open their mouth when they sleep) but refuse to try a CPAP Full Face Mask. "There is to much on my face already!" . You may feel the same way also.

2. Jaw Pain. A rather large number of people have complained to me about how their jaw starts to hurt after they use CPAP Chinstraps after a few months of use.

3. For some people, their teeth start to ache after using the CPAP Chin Strap. Then they are times there dentist will recommend them not using a Cpap Chin Strap.

4. It can get uncomfortable for people with a big double or triple chin. However, there are CPAP Chinstraps that work better than others if you have such an anatomy.

5. Many people are unable to use their Chin Strap For CPAP during Allergy session or when you have a Cold or a Nasal Infection.  During these times we all open our mouth to breathe. 

6. Do you have facial hair? If start to grow it thicker….. the thickness of your beard can determine how comfortable it is going to be for you.  Someone with a thicker beard generally has a hard time using a CPAP Chinstraps. It becomes itchy.

7. Depending on the climate/ season you are in plus the material the Chin Strap for CPAP, some people feel hot and sweaty on their face . Women experiencing hot flashes generally dislike using any chin strap for sleep apnea.

8. Claustrophobic.  Some people feel smothered and “closed in”  when using a CPAP Chinstrap. 

9. Some people feel pressure or an ache on their head after using a tight Chin Strap.

10. If the Chinstrap is too tight , you may get marks on your cheeks.

11. If you like having your tubing go over the head, the Chin Strap can be a bit of a nuisance.

12.     If air still escapes through your mouth with the use of any CPAP Chinstrap it really means you need to use a CPAP Full Face Mask. Give it a try. Like most of our patients, they surprise themselves as to how much they like using a Full Face CPAP Mask.

13. All CPAP Chin Straps require an adjustment period to find the right spot to place the chin strap  on the top of the head (to prevent slippage) and the right tension  to successfully prevent air leaks from the mouth. Please be patient with yourself.

•  Hand wash these chin straps. They all have Velcro in it. If you mix it with your other clothes in the washing machine, your clothes may be damaged during the wash from the velcro scratching it.

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