CPAP Chin Strap – The Top 7 Signs That Indicate You Need To Use It 

• Let me tell you who should use a CPAP Chin Strap because not every one needs to. There are some not-so-clear signs</b> that indicate you could benefit from it. The 7 signs that indicate the need of a  CPAP Chinstrap are:

a) Your Sleep Physician has downloaded the data that is recorded from your CPAP or BiPAP machine and it indicates your  “Leak Rate”  is unacceptably high. This might mean 3 things ...... that you have to use a CPAP Chin Strap...or..... find a better sized CPAP Mask ........ or find a different type of CPAP Mask.

b)      To control “Jaw Drop” when using your CPAP Full Face Mask.  This is a phenomenon that occurs when your jaw relaxes when you sleep and your mouth falls open. The problem here for many people is the CPAP pressure enters their mouth and makes the mouth puff open even wider. This then breaks the seal and there is a leak.

c)  CPAP Dry Mouth - - Your tongue, mouth or throat is dry when you wake up in the morning after using your cpap nasal pillows or a cpap nasal mask. This usually indicates that you are opening your mouth when you fall asleep.

d) You are still snoring even though you are on the CPAP machine using a sleep apnea (cpap) nasal pillows or nasal mask.

e) Bloating  - You are swallowing air while using your current CPAP Mask.

f) You feel like you are choking once you are in a “deep sleep” (while you are using your CPAP or BiPAP machine).  Your mouth is most likely opening (Jaw Drop) and the air is rushing out of your mouth and causing a choking sensation. This generally takes place when you are in a “deep sleep”.

g) Does your bed partner tell you that your lips putter like a motorcycle on exhalation when you are using your CPAP? Do they tell you they hear air coming out of your mouth while you are using your CPAP Nasal Pillow or CPAP Nasal Mask ? The moment you fall into deep sleep, your mouth opens and air leaks. This is called Jaw Drop.  Some people describe it as a “wind tunnel” effect of air coming out of their mouth. 

• There are <b>currently 4 alternatives to using a CPAP Chin Strap :

1. Use a CPAP Full Face Mask.

2. Use a Hybrid CPAP Mask.

3. Use a Oral CPAP Mask.

4. Use a Total CPAP Mask.

Warning !

•  Please, please keep this mind - if your doctor just writes a prescription that states “CPAP Chinstrap”, you will most likely only get the type of chin strap the Home Medical Equipment company gets at the lowest wholesale price. Basically the cheapest one.  It might not really meet your needs. So spend a few minutes on this website and familiarize yourself with the various types of CPAP Chin Straps. Watch the video reviews. This way you know their strengths and weaknesses upfront and thus you can make an informed decision.

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