Why Is My Father's CPAP Sound So Loud. Motor-like on and off sound


I was looking for some answers and was glad to find your videos on youtube.

My dad bought a Devillbiss Intellipap automatic machine with a ResMed mask, his air pressure is required to be at 12. He's got the mahcine on the auto mode, with a humidifier and heater at level 3.

I'd like to ask you about the cyclical noise the machine makes when it pushes air while my dad's using it. As you said in the video where you reviewed 4 cpaps, noises to be considered are those the machine makes when on and then those it makes when someone starts using it. My mom's a light sleeper so that's the main issue we need to consider. When my dad puts the mask on and starts breathing there's is a humming or motor-like sound that comes on when the machine's pumping air and off when he exhales. So it goes on and off corresponding to his inhaling and exhaling. In your review video you said that the Resmed is a quieter machine, but is that only when its on and running or is the 'whistling' motor sound it makes when its being used also quieter as compared to the Devilbiss?

Secondly, my mom's complaining that she still hear light snoring sometimes. The rep says this is due to mask leakage probably while my dad's turning in his sleep. Has you come across that before?

Many thanks

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Jun 26, 2012
Thank you
by: Tarek

Hi Sir,

Thanks a lot for your effort.

I try what you've suggested, especially the exhale and inhale rounding with the specialist and I'll see how things turn out and I'll tell you.

The dentist got my dad to wear a teeth guard because the sleep lab informed him he grinds his teeth while asleep, and it might have helped with the exhale puff and slight snoring. He's also sleeping on a higher pillow.


Jun 10, 2012
Why is my father's CPAP so LOUD
by: CpapHelpDesk

I hope this video answers your questions. The cyclical noises are normal and all brands of CPAP machines will emit that noise to various degrees.

The sound I am talking about is while it is running (being used), how it sounds to your dad & how it sounds to your mom.

In this video I stress about what factors affect sound. I did however forget to mention that all CPAP masks will resonate sound differently. Especially through those exhalation ports. Some masks are just louder than others.

Pay close attention to the sound of snoring. The video explains it in more detail. From a clinical point of view there is an acceptable amount of leak and an "unacceptable amount of leak". Your dad's sleep physician can tell you what it is.

I hope this helps :)

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