Can You Tell Me Why An Auto CPAP is Recommended? - The Hidden Reasons

This email  so eloquently asked a couple of important questions


I just got diagnosed with severe sleep apnea. My sleep doctor recommended an auto cpap. Do you know the reasons why auto cpap is usually recommended? ( just want your opinion) Also, when I did my sleep titration test one of the biggest problems I had was nasal congestion. 

I tried three different type of mask. (nasal pillow first (locked my nose up) , nasal, and full face) The problem the last two of them caused was pressing down too hard on the bridge of my nose closing off my air. Apparently the top of my nose can't take too much pressure. Also, could you tell me which of the auto cpap you highly recommend and a mask that will help with the nasal problems that I have? I have watched many of your videos and went to your website and have learned sooo much. My main concern about cpap is humidity. I run a humidifier all year round to keep my sinuses from closing up. I do not know which machine will help me with this. I will continue to watch your videos and subscribe to your channel. Thank you for all of the knowledge and information that you have shared!

Thank you for your reply!


Our Response

·      Getting an  Auto CPAP is truly one of the best way to treat your Sleep Apnea. Here are the reasons why an Auto CPAP is recommended.


a)     Your Sleep Physician feels you are best served with this type of CPAP.

b)   When it is unclear from the titration study if a fixed CPAP setting will benefit you fully. They were unable to get a good conclusive reading. It would be best to let the Auto CPAP machine decide what the best setting is appropriate for you.

c) There may also have been some residual apneas left.

d) Your Auto Titrating CPAP  will record very critical clinical data while you are sleeping.


e)   With that data, the doctor can tell if you still have problems (example…residual apneas, snoring, hypopneas…etc) and the sleep physician  can then make changes to the CPAP settings to make it work even better for you.


f)    For many people, their Health Insurance Company will pay for a new replacement CPAP every 5 years. Keep in mind, your sleep apnea machine as many people call it, will definitely last more than 5 years. It will last 8 to 10 years or more for most people. The good news is, for many doctors, the kind of  rich clinical data these units collects is sufficient enough for these doctors to order a new CPAP unit “without”  having to do that awfully uncomfortable sleep test again. Some insurance companies will not require you to do another sleep test to qualify for a new unit. You just better hope that your insurance policy 5 years from now does not come up  with the “requirement ” that you do another sleep apnea test again.



 The 3 goals of an Auto CPAP :


1.      To blow air at the weakest CPAP setting possible.

2.     It must clear the obstruction in the back of your throat that is causing your Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

3.     Record a lot of useful clinical data.



·      An Auto CPAP will blow air at a weaker/lower pressures first and stay that way through out the night. However when the machine senses you are struggling to breathe,  it will increase the strength of your auto titrating CPAP pressure slowly. Just high enough to clear the obstruction that is causing your  sleep apnea.  


·      In line with the 3 goals listed above……. sometime through the night when you are sleeping,  many brands of Auto CPAP will then test you to see if you are able to breathe on your own with no obstruction by lowering the CPAP strength (pressure).


·       If the auto adjusting CPAP realizes you are struggling to breathe during those test phase, it will increase the strength back up to where it needs to be. So you see, these types of sleep apnea machines always wants to give you the lowest CPAP settings but yet be clinically effective for you.


·       As you age, your body (like all of us) will physically change…example …loose muscle tone as we get older, we loose weight or put on weight..etc. This type of auto titrating CPAP machine will evolve with you as you age and adapt to your bodies needs.


·      Obstructive Sleep Apnea can be made worse when we loose muscle tone (as we get older), put on weight, drink alcohol or even take medications that has a muscle relaxing ingredient in that particular drug. All these will make our sleep apnoea worse. But since you have an Auto CPAP it should compensate for all these life factor changes.


·      If humidification is  your biggest priority, then The ICON Auto CPAP made by Fisher and Paykel with Thermosmart Tubing has the best Heated Humidifier system. Their heated humidifier system “technology”  is used widely on ventilators in many Intensive Care Units in major hospitals. They built a very powerful niche in this area of clinical heated humidifiers. Please watch the video review I did on this machine.


·      The other AutoCPAP that I  really like is the Resmed S9 Autoset with Climate Line Tubing and then followed by Philips Respironics Remstar Auto with Heated Tubing.


·      Because of your chronic sinus issues by default you most likely are a mouth breather. Most people will breathe through their mouth when they suffer from nasal congestion from allergies or colds. Thus you need a Full Face Mask or an Oral CPAP mask.


I have some extra advice for you :


a)    I sincerely believe you will truly benefit from our “Best Sleep Ever With My CPAP” video guide.  I promise you ( and I hope you sense my sincerity) …this is not  a blatant sales pitch. There is so much powerful and practical video advice given that will show you what and how to overcome a lot of problems you will face and also how to properly test a mask to know if it will be the appropriate  for you.  Otherwise you will be wasting a lot of money.


b)   Be willing to try out various sample sleep apnea masks from the home medical equipment company that will be providing you the machine and mask.  But do it the way the guide recommends it. Have your doctor write on the prescription - "Fit For Mask".


c)    Try out the Resmed Quattro Air Full Face mask. It just came out a few months ago as of this article being written.  Many of our sleep apnea patients facing the same  issues as you found this mask beneficial.


d)   But as you intuitively know, a CPAP mask that works great for one person may not perform as well for the next person. Every ones facial structure and needs are uniquely different. Yes it can be super duper frustrating. That’s why slightly over 40% of new CPAP users will give up using their machine within the first 3 months.



e)    The majority of Home Medical Equipment company will recommend the cheapest model CPAP machine and mask they were able to get at the lowest wholesale price so they can maximize their profits. You can’t blame them. They exist for profit. Please note………there are a lot of very good reputable Home Medical equipment companies that give awesome customer service and have clinical staff that is very knowledgeable. You can screen them out once you are armed with information that is in the guide.


f)     Please, please, please….Make sure you deal with a company that will allow you to exchange your CPAP mask  for free ( at least once) if you don’t like it. Find out up front before getting the machine from them first if they offer that service.


g)    Many Home Medical Equipment Companies will give you a used machine and not tell you that it is used.(quite often less than 3 months worth of use.) If this is an issue for you, let them know you want a brand new unit only.