Trouble Finding The Right CPAP Mask

by Don
(Celebration, FL, USA)

I am a stomach sleeper currently using a mirage quattro full face mask. I have a narrow face and a high bridge to my nose. I like the air exit point of the mask and it seems pretty narrow but the discomfort at the bridge of my nose wakes me. It seems if I adjust the mask to take the pressure off I get leaks by the eyes. I've already looked at the stomach sleeper suggested masks. Any mask suggestions or modifications would be great.


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Aug 15, 2012
Full Face Mask
by: Anonymous

I am a RRT that works for a DME company and if you have a high bridge on the nose, it will limit which masks will be comfortable. Avoid Gel masks as they DO NOT work with patients with high bridges. If you really need a full face mask then my number 1 recommendation is the Quattro FX mask, but getting the correct size is extremely important. The second choice, because you have a narrow face, would be the older Mirage Full Face Mask. The Mirage FFM is the second choice as it still can put some slight pressure on the bridge. The fact that you stomach sleep makes any full face mask difficult to use. I would try using a nasal mask like the easy life (size is very important in this mask as often patients are given a size too big in this mask). The easy life is very comfortable and seals very well at high pressures. If mouth breathing continues with the easy life, consider adding a chinstrap.

Tony Vondran RRT

Aug 04, 2012

by: CpapHelpDesk

• For the bruising / discomfort at the bridge of your nose, you could use a Gecko Nasal Gel Pad. It serves as a cushion.

• Or try using a CPAP Mask Liner. They serve to reduce incidence of leaks and also serve as a cushion.

• The Forma Full Face Mask & The Easy Fit Gel Full Face Mask. I don’t know if it is appropriate for you personally but these masks I have seen work well for narrow faces.

• If you like the Forma and you happen to be a medium or large size after you are measured for it, I would then recommend getting their combo pack where you get both the Medium and Large cushions in that one package. A millimeter up or down in size will make a difference. So having both those cushions will give you some latitude to experiment.

• The Respironics Comfort Gel Full Face Mask is comfortable but you “might” find it too bulky.

• Try to see if you can actually try the Respironics latest mask…. Amara Full Face CPAP Mask. It just came out . However it is to soon to tell if it is a well performing mask. The good news is if you like it but you feel you could benefit from a smaller or larger size cushion, you can easily do it with this mask. That’s because with the Respironics Amara you can attach a Petite, Small, Medium or Large cushion on that very same original Amara frame That will save you a ton of money. You don’t have to keep buying an entire mask. Just change the cushion size. The forehead cushion is very soft & adjustable also.

• My best & honest advice……get yourself personally fitted and try all of them out.

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