The smooth pressure feeling

by Rosie Cereijo

I have a sinus irritation (with teeth pain for 2 years now) due to among other the pressure delivered through my nasal pillows. Even with the FFM the problem is still present.

I was using a PR System One auto, I changed to a S9 auto recently and I felt the difference after the first night.

My question is: which is the machine which delivers pressure (air flow ) the smoothest in the market? Once at the hospital I was plugged to a Fisher & Paykel series 200, it was as if I had no mask or the pressure was wrongly set (too low). Is the FIsher and Paykel the smoother?


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Jul 31, 2012
The smoothest pressure feeling
by: Anonymous

Thanks very much for your honest answers and suggestions.

I tried the ClimateLine and it helped me to sleep with less tossing and turning although it is not perfect. I can't understand why this happens to me with the S9 autoset. I was using a System One auto for 17 months and I slept like a rock without any problem to fell asleep, very rested at wake up. With the S9 I have frequent aerophagia and dizziness and not as rested as in the past with the System One. I don't work for Respironics :0)

My 95% pressure is higher with the S9 (no EPR and no Aflex) than with the System One. Also, if I don't limit the max pressure setting (with no leaks) the pressure goes up until close to the max I set, hard to understand the reason.

Any way I sleep not as well now but the teeth pain was reduced with the S9.

Jul 29, 2012
by: CpapHelpDesk

• There are plenty of people who have the similar experience like you regarding EPR or A-Flex. That is a personal preference and it is okay.

• Yes it has a Ramp setting. However the clinician cannot adjust the ramp starting pressure or the length you want the ramp to run. All the Fisher and Paykel CPAP - ICON series CPAP automatically figures out what the starting ramp pressure and length of ramp time should be.

• I have an irritating but honest answer for you - the BiPAP could or not be better. No way to tell unless you try it out. Most importantly does your Sleep Physician deem it necessary to prescribe one for you?

• Please have an ENT ( Ear, Nose & Throat ) doctor address your sinus issues also. (In case you haven’t done so already)

Jul 28, 2012
The smoother pressure feeling
by: Rosie

I find the EPR and the Aflex feel not natural IMHO, I have never been able to use one or the other.

I use the ramp setting and that's sufficient for me.

Does the Icon auto has a ramp setting feature?

Would be a Bipap smoother still on the sinuses than the Fisher & Paykel? I'm afraid the constant and fast pressure change irritates more my sinuses if I try a BiPAP of VPAP. The System One pressure change is fast and abrupt and it was really no good for me.

Jul 20, 2012
by: CpapHelpDesk

Yes. The Fisher And Paykel CPAP does feel a little bit smoother. Now if you use their Heated CPAP tubing, the pressure feels even lighter. The secret is their built in CPAP Heated Humidifier. Very powerful and provides a smoother experience. Their heated humidifier technology is used on ventilators by many hospitals Intensive Care Units. But what they don’t have is their equivalent EPR (Exhalation Pressure Relief) or A-Flex that you will find with ResMed S9 or the Philips Respironics System One Auto CPAP.
For your Sinus Irritation With Teeth Pain, consider trying this just in case you are not already:

• Please use Climate Line Tubing ( ResMed’s Heated Tubing)with your ResMed S9 unit to get a better experience.

• Try preheating your humidifier about 10 to 15 minutes before use to help ease your sinus irritation.

• Also stop by your pharmacist and purchase a Saline Gel that you can apply within your nostrils to help soothe it.

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