When Using A Snoring Chin Strap is Dangerous.

•   DON’T  EVEN  THINK of using a Snoring Chin Strap  by itself if you experience the following :

a) Have you ever fallen asleep driving? I did it once for a split second and I crossed over 2 lanes of a major highway and was about to hit the divider when I woke up just in time. It scared the day lights out of me. It was a miracle that I did not hit anyone as I fell asleep crossing the lanes. That was the day I decided to make my appointment to see my sleep doctor. Please remember, we share the roads with others. Their safety must also be your concern.

b)  Don’t use  a Snoring Chin Strap by itself if  your bed partner complains that your snoring keeps him/her away from sleeping in the same room as you. My children and wife would complain and make fun of my snoring frequently. 

c)   If you snore and you are a male with a neck size of 17 inches or more or a female with a neck size of 16 inches or more, please see a Sleep Physician first. Don’t just rely on using a Snoring Chin Strap.

d)   Do you feel sleepy and tired after sleeping through the night? I mean you just slept 8 to 10 hours and you still wake up feeling tired. I have about a one-hour drive to work. I have many times had to pull over and take a very short power nap for 10 to 15 minutes before continuing my drive. I just knew I could not function unless I had that power nap. Please see a Sleep Physician first. Don't just use a chin strap.

e)   If you ever  wake up choking or gagging in your sleep, please see a Sleep Physician. I always 

feel the back of my throat closing whenever I take a “power nap” without my CPAP. For example, whenever I am at my parents’ home lying on the couch taking a nap, I feel the back of my throat closing just as I drift off to sleep. Don't use a chin strap.

f)    Have your family members complained to you that you are more cranky and irritable because you are always so tired. Has you level of patience gone down? My wife told me how cranky I had been with our children. I did not like the person I became. Using a  Snoring Chin Strap will not help here. Please see a Sleep Physician.

g)   Do you have high blood pressure and feel frequently fatigued?Using a chin strap many not be a good solution for you. Please see a Sleep Physician.  My blood pressure was very elevated. I once cut my finger (paper cut) at a patient’s home and the blood spurted out so high I was shocked. I have had paper cuts before but this was a different experience. That was my dramatic indication that my blood pressure was high. 

h)   Do you have any cardiac problems or cardiac irregularities?  If you do, please don’t just use a Chin Strap For Snoring. Meet with a Sleep Physician. 

i)   You are gasping for air when asleep? Please see a Sleep Physician.

j)   Your bed partner actually witnesses you stop breathing  while you are asleep. This is not the time to use a snoring chin strap. You need to be seen by a Sleep Physicians .

k)  Your bed partner notices that you have abnormal breathing patterns while sleeping. Take this serious...talk to a doctor.

l)  Don’t use a chin strap if you are overweight.  Please see a Sleep Physician.

m)   Do you fall asleep easily while Sitting?...See a Sleep Specialist.

n)    Do you fall asleep easily while  Reading  every time ?......Talk to a doctor that specializes in Sleep Medicine.

o)     Do you fall asleep easily while watching television often?....Visit your doctor.

p)    Do you fall asleep while sitting in the driver’s seat at a traffic light where you are stopped for a few minutes or while in traffic jam?.....Only a sleep doctor can best help you.

q)  Do you fall asleep while talking to someone in person or on the phone?  Has this happen a few times? This is no joke.......tell your doctor. Please take this serious.

r)  Do you fall asleep in a meeting at work very frequently ? - Why loose your job over this. A Snoring chin strap will not help you.

s)  Do you frequently feel so drowsy and can easily fall asleep when you are sitting as a passenger in the car? Please don't just use a Chinstrap....see a Sleep Doctor.

t)   If you have  Diabetes and you are seeing your doctor about it, and you are following their diet, exercise and medication protocol, yet every morning when you measure your sugar level and it is still high. Please see a Sleep Physician.

u)   You are so sick and tired of being TIRED ALL THE TIME. </b>Then please see a Sleep Physician. Don’t just use a Snoring Chin Strap. You want a skilled professional to address the real reasons and treat it.

v)    If you suffer from depression (even if mild) and you snore, talk to your doctor first and foremost and ask if seeing a sleep doctor would be recommended. 

•   MY PERSONAL EXPERIMENT:   I have spoken to many Sleep Physicians (and you have to be there to see their facial expressions); they shake their heads whenever I ask them,  “How effective is it to use a Chin Strap by itself to treat Sleep Apnea (without the use of a CPAP or BiPAP Machine)?”

• Their response:  “Don’t do it.”

• Once again this is only my personal experience.  None of the Sleep Physicians I have spoken to have ever recommended a Chin Strap as a substitute for CPAP or as an alternative treatment for Obstructive Sleep Apnea. If you have Central Sleep Apnea,  don’t even think of only using a Chin Strap by itself. It’s very dangerous.

• A few of these physicians did say…..“Theoretically if the chin strap can move the jaw forward, then maybe it can help with someone with very mild sleep apnea. Theoretically that is.”

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