A Really Helpful Review - SleepWeaver Advanced Cpap Nasal Mask / Cloth Cpap Mask

This is the video review for the SleepWeaver Advanced soft cloth CPAP Nasal Mask.

This is made by Circadiance. As a disclosure, please know that the Sleep Weaver Advanced used in this video review was given to me by the manufacturer as a sample. I personally used this sample mask, along with all the other sample CPAP masks, in helping my sleep apnea patients choose the right mask for them and I use it for demonstration purposes.

This is extremely light, it really is a fabulous Cloth CPAP mask. Let me just back it off a little bit here so you can see. Look at the whole thing, can you see this? This is fantastic because if you are claustrophobic this is wonderful. You can read in bed, you can watch TV in bed.

The Sleepweaver mask is made out of cloth that is very similar to a winter ski jacket material. The Sleepweaver mask for Cpap contains no latex or silicone, so this is very good. The inventor of this Sleep Weaver had a full beard and wears the mask himself every night. That’s what the literature says.

One thing I must tell you, if you get this CPAP mask please do not attempt to use this immediately, like two or three minutes just before sleeping. You really need the time to play around with it. It’s going to take you awhile, but when you do play around with it and get used to it I guarantee you’re going to love it.

There’s a number of sleep centers that I sell to that love this thing. A lot of the sleep techs love using it. The patients love it, forget what the sleep techs think. It’s light. It’s good for back sleepers, stomach sleepers, side sleepers. It’s really good for high CPAP pressures. It doesn’t bruise you at all, it’s very soft.

Here’s the thing. It’s one size fits all, or fits most. So if you have a really tiny nose it’s really not going to work. Or if you’ve got extremely wide nostril size this is really not going to work out for you

If you travel you’re going to love it. Look how much space it takes. Washing, you can even put this in the washing machine. You’ve got to read the instructions on it, but you can put it in the washing machine, you can hand wash it with any mild laundry detergent. It makes it so simple.

One weakness is this part. Not everybody has it, but some of my patients do complain of it, but they still like it. Some just don’t use it, the others don’t mind it and they get used to it. This part here touches here, so when the mask is here it tends to touch just below the upper lip and below the nostril.

One other negative is this cannot rotate, you cannot go this way, you cannot have the tubing go over your head. So if you are someone who likes your tubing to go over your shoulder this is not going to work out for you. That’s the bad thing.

The other thing, as you saw, there is no forehead cushion. I’ve not heard of anyone having any bruising or any allergic reaction to it. If at all you do get leaks it tends to happen right here. So you can use a moleskin or you can use an eyepatch sleep mask, that can control it also.

Once again, I just want to say this is a very good mask, it’s gaining a lot of momentum in sleep centers where the sleep techs introducing this to the patients. Very good mask, the only thing is one size fits most. My goodness, you should see the colors that come with this, it’s really funkadelic.

Just one last thing, I want to bring this closer it’s very hard to see. Can you see this thing? That’s your exhalation port or vent. Very quiet, it doesn’t shoot into your bed partner’s face. This handles very well on high CPAP pressures. Let me sign out. I wish you sweet dreams.

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