What?  You call this sleep apnea mask comfortable ? Yeah Right !

·      Get the wrong sleep apnea masks and you will pay dearly.

 For one thing it is going to irritate you, bruise your face, & you will be thinking...what is the point of all this? I feel I am getting less sleep now compared to the time when you didn’t have the CPAP machine in the first place.

·      Research is showing that slightly over 40% of new CPAP users will give up on using their sleep apnea machine  (CPAP or BiPAP machines) within the first 3 months.

·      I am telling you from personal experience as a CPAP user and as a clinician who helps people use their CPAP almost daily. “Get the wrong CPAP mask and game over. Most people will rip it off their face and simply refuse to use their CPAP".

Useful and Practical Reviews of Full Face CPAP Masks ( what you absolutely must know.)

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