Side Sleeper CPAP Mask – Here is a list of masks recommended by our patients.

Before buying a CPAP Pillow read the recommendations and advice we give to our patients on choosing a side sleeper Cpap mask that will reduce CPAP mask leak and CPAP eye leak issues significantly. This is one of the most common of all CPAP problems.

See what other users have to say about the effectiveness of using a CPAP Pillow.

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• The recommended sleep position for Obstructive Sleep Apnea is to Sleep On Your Side.

• The bulkier the CPAP mask, the more likely you are to knock the mask off out of position when you sleep on your side. Choose a less bulky mask.

Side Sleepers compared to any other position seem to have the highest leak rate.

• The lowest leak rate is back sleepers. Actually back sleepers on a high incline – perhaps 2 pillows or more, reclining mattress or those who only sleep in a recliner chair.

• The firmness of the pillow also has an impact on the leak rate here. The firmer it is, the greater the push back against the mask when you lean into the firm pillow on your side. Many of our patients have reported by downgrading the firmness, it has helped keep the mask in place longer.

Sleep on the edge of the pillow. This way the mask is not touching the pillow or the mattress when you are on your side sleeping.

Start of by putting the mask off center deliberately first. Then as you move to your side, the pillow will push the mask into the correct position. Many long term Cpap users have taught us this technique.

Have the tubing go over your head or your shoulder to the top of the bed. Many people have reported this to be helpful. This eliminates the “drag”. As you turn from side to side, you are not entangled with your Cpap tubing thus the mask is not accidentally pulled of your face.

Use a Cpap Pillow. Our experience show about 50 % of the people like it and it works.

Use a “side sleeper pillow". It works well for Cpap users and non Cpap users.


Recommended Cpap Nasal Pillows for Side Sleepers.

~ Resmed Swift FX

~ Resmed Swift FX for Her

~ Fisher and Paykel Opus 360

~ Nuance Pro with Gel by Philips Respironics

Recommended Cpap Nasal Mask for Side Sleepers.

~ Wisp by Philips Respironics

True Blue by Philips Respironics

~ Fisher and Paykel Zest

~ Resmed Mirage FX

~ Fisher and Paykel Flexifit HC 407

~ Fisher and Paykel Flexifit HC406

~ Resmed Mirage Micro

~ Sleep Weaver Advanced

Recommended Cpap Full Face Mask for Side Sleepers.

~ Quattro Air by Resmed

~ Fisher and Paykel Forma

~ Resmed Mirage Quattro FX

~ Resmed Mirage Quattro

~ Easy Fit Gel Full Face Mask

~ Hans Rudolph 7600 series V2

~ Respironics Comfort Gel Full Face Mask

~ AMARA Gel Full Face Mask by Philips Respironics

Recommended Hybrid Cpap Mask for Side Sleepers.

The Hybrid

Oral Cpap Mask for Side Sleepers.

Fisher and Paykel Oracle HC452

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