Setting BIPAP Pressure in Regular CPAP Mode

My husband just began using the Resmed vpap S9. He says that the pressure is not high enough and he feels like he has to struggle to take in a breath. I know this machine is auto set but can it be put into a manuel mode where we can set it where his old bipap machine was set? New machine says he breathes in at 10.0 and out at 4.0. The old one was set at 12.0 in and about 8.0 out if that makes sense? Is it possible the humidifier is making him claustrophobic and that's the issue? Or could he be used to the machine doing the breathing for him and now it's more him? The humidity is set at I think 3.5. Also does the sim card have to be inserted to operate the machine or is that there just to record what happened during sleep?

Hope you can enlighten me. Thanks.

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Jul 04, 2012
This Is What You Should Do
by: CPAPHelpDesk

• I am assuming when you wrote “struggle to take in a breath”… meant he feels insufficient air. We call it “air hunger”.

• Yes there is a significant difference between the new & old machine.

• The solution - just place a call to the doctor. Explain what your husband is feeling and the discrepancy between the settings of the old and new unit. More importantly have your husband do the talking & explaining. This way the doctor can ask him more targeted questions.

• Changing it to manual mode but keeping the settings at 10 and 4 will most likely “not” solve his complaint.

• At high heated humidifier settings when the air feels very humid and warm, many people feel … “like I am not getting enough air”. If he is not used to using a heated humidifier this takes awhile to get used to it. All you have to do is lower the heat setting. The lower the heat setting the less warmth & humidity.

• He also uses Climate Line tubing. This also provides a richer humidification experience. This can compound the problem. Once again the solution here is to lower the heat setting.

• The SD card is only used to record data. The machine will work with or without it. It provides valuable data for your husband’s physician. Make sure he brings that card in every time he has an appointment with that doctor.

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