Video Review - Philips Respironics Easylife CPAP Mask .

We expose the strength and weaknesses this Respironics EasyLife CPAP mask has. Our goal here is to hopefully help you decide if this Easy Life Nasal Interface is a good option for you.

This is a video review of the Respironics EasyLife CPAP Mask . This is a Phillips Respironics CPAP Mask. It says Easy Life right here, Easy Life Nasal Mask interface. This is truly one of the top two most effective CPAP masks that I have found as of 2011. (This is January 2011.) Like all masks, it also has a couple of negatives with it, so I’m going to highlight the negatives and the positives.

It is very soft and comfortable and very light. This mask is fantastic for somebody who has high CPAP and BIPAP pressures. I do not know the reason why, I’ve spoken to the manufacturer’s representative on this too and they have not been able to explain what I’m about to explain to you. At higher CPAP settings you don’t feel the impact of the “oomph,” the hit of the CPAP pressure.

However, if you’re someone whose CPAP setting is on the low end, like say 8, 7, 6, I would not recommend this Respironics CPAP mask, and especially if you already have been using a CPAP and you just want to try this out.

You will feel air hunger.I’ll give you an example. I use my CPAP pressure at 9, that’s my setting. At 9 I feel I’m not getting enough air, I have to crank up the setting just so that I feel the air blowing. But, truly this is one of the most comfortable masks.

One thing about this mask is this thing tends to pump out a little bit and grab hold of you . It’s going a funny looking shape to it. Here, let me put these Velcro around, I want to show you. By the way, the head gear is very good, it does a good job. For some people I do notice that some of my patients who have silky hair this tends to slide off a little bit. I don’t know, but it does.

This is how the Respironics EasyLife CPAP mask looks. This bounces out like that and grabs a hold of you. This part here is a big departure from the usual Phillips Respironics nasal CPAP mask. You see here you cannot control the forehead cushion, the angle of it. Like this, this is the Comfort Fusion and you see where I’m pressing, this doesn’t have that.

Now, regardless of that, this I guess the way it’s designed it does a phenomenal job stabilizing the mask and maintaining a very good seal. This works well for side sleepers, people with facial hair, stomach sleepers. Reading and watching TV in bed is kind of tough with this thing on. The exhalation port is very good , this is the exhalation port.

The part that is a little confusing is the sizing. This part has another size and this part has a size all its own. So, the sizes it comes in is small, medium, medium-wide, and large. Then the outer part has a few other sizes. This is my fourth attempt at recording this video for you and I find it very difficult to explain it.

I wholeheartedly recommend this mask. However, I do want to point out that because you can take the cushions out, you can buy the cushions separately, it is a pain in the rear end in putting this back the first time.

I had a nightmare at one of my patient’s homes. I went to help her out and when I was trying to put it back I didn’t realize, see this part here, when you put it back this part you don’t have to put too much pressure into it, but I know I checked with other therapists and they didn’t realize that this part here you have to make sure this goes in very well, otherwise you’ll have problems with the mask. Other than that this is a very good mask.

With that, I’m going to wish you sweet dreams.

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