Respironics CPAP Tubing - The Lightest CPAP Tubing !! (A Review)

~ The Respironics CPAP Tubing that comes standard with all the Respironics Remstar Models is incredibly light weight!

• This Respironics CPAP Tubing is called "Performance Tubing".

• Most people love this tubing. My opinion is it can get damage a little to easily. The material is very thin.

• They also now have a 15mm CPAP tubing to compete with Resmed CPAP tubing called “Slim Line Tubing”.

• If you do use a 15 mm tubing, please program that into your Respironics Remstar CPAP machine. I have asked various times to the Manufacturer what happens if you forget to program the type of tubing you use. The answers I have received range from – it will affect - noise levels, output pressure, not producing accurate data readings.

In our opinion there is one major negative – Respironics Remstar CPAP machines does not have a “ Heated CPAP Tubing ”. Only Resmed S9 Autoset and the Fisher and Paykel CPAP – ICON series.

Personally speaking, I could not use my CPAP through the Winter Time without my heated CPAP tubing. I would otherwise constantly get water (condensation) in my tubing and CPAP mask.

• If you like to keep your room temperature on the cool or cold side especially during winter, you run the risk of getting Condensation build up in the tubing.

Yes even though Respironics says their System One Heated Humidifier can take care of this problem - ....well our humble opinion it is not as effective as using a CPAP machine with heated wires embedded in the CPAP tubing.

• The Respironics CPAP tubing attaches at the top of their System ONE Heated Humidifier and the elbow swivels around freely. This is a good thing. In the Resmed S9 Autoset unit, this part is stationary. This may influence how you place the CPAP on your night stand. Also if you toss and turn around in bed a lot, the tubing will move with you more freely.

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