This years best  respironics cpap mask. (and not so best)- see video below.

This list consists of 

the best (and not so best) respironics cpap mask. Please note the opinions listed here is extremely opinionated and it comes from actual feedback we get from our sleep apnea patients who faithfully uses their CPAP and also from those who struggle with it.

Best respironics cpap mask in the nasal pillows category: (Watch the video below to understand to what we mean.)

  •        Nuance Pro Gel. Very good Respironics nasal cpap pillows.  Many people absolutely love how comfortable these nasal pillows feel especially the blue gel it is made out of.  If you have soft silky hair, you will truly benefit from their special fabric they use on their cpap headgear that minimizes slippage. Very useful feature.


  •     Go Life For Men and the Go Life For Woman (a This Respironics cpap nasal pillow has very few people who liking it. The primary issues were – depending on your facial features, the strap was to close to their eyes, insufficient spot to Velcro the strap and the angle of the nasal pillow entered ones nostril made it feel uncomfortable.)


  • Optilife -  no longer being sold.  Some Home Medical equipment companies still have a few on their shelf for sale.  This is an older nasal pillow for CPAP. People found that could tolerate higher cpap pressures with it. But…. The CPAP chinstrap looking strap that came with the Optilife would not keep your mouth shut. That’s because that strap was not meant to function as a CPAP chin strap but just to stabilize the mask on your face. So many doctors would prescribe it and many people bought it thinking that they can avoid using a CPAP Full Face Mask but it backfired. Those same people had to spend more money and eventually buy a Full Face CPAP Mask.

  •  Comfort Lite 2 -  no longer being sold. Very few people liked it because you could either use it with Nasal Pillows or with a Nasal Mask Cushion. It was extremely bulky. I still work and meet fans of these masks.  Especially unfortunate people suffering from Trigeminal Nerve Pain and since nothing touched sensitive areas of their face, they loved this Respironics CPAP mask.

Warning…. Depending on your unique problems you are facing with your CPAP and current mask….you might be better served seeing what specific  cpap masks we recommend for different problems - Click Here.

Best respironics cpap mask in the Nasal Mask category: (Watch this video at minute 3:48 to understand what we mean. It will then make more sense to you.)

      Wisp with Fabric Frame -  Fantastic mask! Lots of people love it.

  •  Awesome for people who feel claustrophobic easily when using their cpap. You can watch TV or read with glasses in bed with this mask. Only get the Wisp with Fabric Frame – so comfortable on your face. It comes packaged with 3 different size cushions so you try all 3 sizes to get the fit. 


  •      Cpap TrueBlue Nasal Mask   - Outstanding mask. Great for someone who moves around in bed a lot. Very bulky. The headgear it comes in is big …great for the average size head and large headed person. The forehead cushion is very comfortable and it moves with you. Good for people who have been hurt from their previous cpap mask, good for people with facial hair. 


  •       Comfort Gel Cpap Mask or properly known as the Respironics ComfortGel Blue nasal mask.   –   this mask has a very large fan base.  Awesome mask. Great for people who bruise easily from other masks and for men with mustache or beards.


  •       Easy Life  Nasal CPAP Mask -  older mask, great for higher CPAP pressures. Many of our patients have shared with us how they feel their CPAP pressure does not feel as strong whenever they use this mask.  Personally I have felt that way also when I used this mask. I asked the manufacturer rep about this years ago but they said they never heard of this issue before.


  •       Comfort Fusion Nasal Mask – older and cheap mask.  The  Respironics CPAP Nasal masks listed above is hands down so much better.


  •       Comfort Classic -  this mask was around when dinosaurs walked the earth ;).  Older mask.  Get the never masks with newer technology listed above.


  •       Profile Lite -  older mask.  Very few people like it. Hard to find.


  •       Simplicity -  older mask that truly was ahead of its time. The latest version is the WISP with Fabric.  Recently some changes were made to it and the people who were in love with it ……not so much in love now.

Best respironics cpap mask in the Full Face Mask category: ( Watch the video at minute 9:33 to understand what we mean. It will then make more sense to you.)

  •       Amara Full Face Mask In Gel and in Silicone -  awesome concept but just somehow failed to produce the results we so hoped it would. Many people would complain how it leaks !


  •       Comfort Gel Blue Full Face Mask -  very comfortable. Many like it but it is super bulky.  It used to be the preferred mask for many people with facial hair and those that bruised easily. An older mask and lost market share when other manufacturers came out with masks with newer technology.


  •       Full Life -    This cpap full face mask was ahead of its time. The mask was so tough and the headgear was super complicated. Most people hated it. It was designed for people who were claustrophobic. If you suffer from claustrophobia you must check out these masks we recommend – click here.

Best respironics cpap mask in Total Mask Category. ( Watch this video at minute 12:11 to understand what we mean. It will then make more sense to you.)

  •      Fit Life CPAP Mask – This is the better one out of the 2 types in this category.  Once again, this is a very good example of how progressive and creative Philips Respironics of a company is.  Designed for anyone who cannot tolerate the various brands and models of CPAP full face mask, people with hard to masks that fit their facial features, disfigurement on the face or wounds. Unfortunately,  we are not big fans of it even though we love the idea.  Most people do not like it because it leaks on the fore head, it pulses or bounces when you inhale and for people with sensitive eyes… dries them out very quickly when you open your eyes with mask and CPAP turned on. Now there are small pockets of people who like it a lot but for the average person it just does not work for them.


  •       Total Face Mask -  have you seen this thing ? We have had zero success with this mask. The handful of people that was shown this mask did not like it. It freaked them out.

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