Video Review - Respironics Comfort Fusion CPAP Nasal Mask.

This is a video review for the Respironics Comfort Fusion Nasal Mask made by Phillips Respironics.

I’m going to go over the good, the bad, the weak features of this, and hopefully this will help you decide if you want to go forward with this particular Respironics CPAP mask.

If you are budget conscious this is a very good Respironics CPAP mask if price is the issue. Definitely not my first choice of mask, I would go for the high end mask because the success is much better.

However, I have set so many people up on this mask with fairly – well, I want to say pretty good results.

Now, this is designed for the nose breather. This is good for back and stomach sleepers. However, for some reason the side sleepers I’ve had a fair amount of complaints on. This mask is very light.

I would say it’s not a good CPAP mask for beards. If you have a beard and/or a mustache (CPAP Mustache) this is not the mask for you. Ladies with long fingernails will not like this part of it, because it’s hard to use this particular feature. I’ll show you in a moment what it is, their fingernails tend to hit this a lot.

Now, once again, you cannot use this mask if you are suffering a cold or allergies during the allergy season, you need to be using a full face mask. Once again, this just covers your nose only.

The head gear is a one size fits most, oddly enough it does fit a lot of people. If you have a smaller head you can actually fold this inward or outward and what happens is this part here will rotate and accommodate for you to fit your head.

Let me zoom in for you. This is the part that is a quick disconnect clip, so when you’re done using it just take it off your face or if you have to use the bathroom in the middle of the night just take it off your face and clip it back. You have to be careful if you break this part here, it can break and you are done and this mask is useless. So, you have to be careful.

The exhalation port is right here where my two fingers are. If you ever feel air leaking out of here, don’t be alarmed by it, it is normal and air will always escape from there. Like most Respironics masks, this will rotate 360 degrees so that when your tubing is attached to it and when you move around in bed you’re not tangled up in the tubing.

This is a very good feature, let me show you this. You need two hands unfortunately, unlike the Resmed CPAP mask where you only need one hand. One hand presses here, one hand here, and you see how you rock this back and forth. There are four positions you can place this at and what this does is it alleviates pressure points and helps seal off air leaking at different parts of the nose region. So, it’s very good.

The forehead cushion on this Comfort Fusion mask is very good.

It is very soft. Respironics have just used this for a cushion now on one of their best Respironics full face masks, because it’s really very comfortable – Respironics Comfort Gel Full Face Mask. The cushion only comes in two sizes, oddly enough, small and medium.

The funny thing is this is actually a small, but the majority of people fit into this. But, it only comes in two sizes, small and medium. You can buy a combo pack where it comes with both sizes, which is what I would suggest in the beginning so you can play around with it.

You can replace the cushion, you can just pull this part out and you’re good to go. This way you will save money.

So, this is the Comfort Fusion. I’m wishing you sweet dreams with that.

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