Really? Is this their best? A Respironics CPAP Mask Go Life Nasal Pillows Review

·      Respironics CPAP Mask Go Life Nasal Pillows Review in a nutshell….We are not a big fan of it.

·      Newest one since their Respironics Optilife  CPAP Nasal Pillows and Mask system.

·      Make sure you get the 2nd Version of this Respironics CPAP Nasal Pillows.  Why? Because they improved the:

a)    The angle of the nasal pillows…how it enters your nostrils.

b)   Reduced the sound level

c)    The CPAP headgear is softer.

·      I know they improved it but still it is not popular at all. I keep allowing my patients to try it out along with other brands of CPAP nasal pillows but the majority will not choose it.

·      Every time I show my patients the GOLife, ResMed Swift FX, Fisher and Paykel latest Pilairo CPAP nasal pillows and their well established OPUS 360…..hardley any one ever chooses the GoLife Nasal Pillows after trying all of them out.


·      You can’t adjust the angle

·      Appropriate for nose breathers only.

·      Don’t use it when suffering from allergies or a cold. Use a CPAP Full Face Mask. Because during those times, most of us will breathe through our mouth.

·      It comes packaged with 3 pillow sizes…. Small, medium and large.

 ·      You only have a very small section of the Velcro  (please see the video to understand what we mean)