Respironics CPAP Data Card - How Critical Data is Collected

~ The Respironics CPAP Data is fantastic. Both you and your doctor can use this powerful data to treat your Sleep Apnea more effectively.

~ Yes! You must be an active participant in interpreting this data.

~ The higher up the Remstar CPAP model, more variety of critical data is recorded.

• The Respironics Remstar CPAP uses an SD Card.

• A Wireless Modem – this can be attached by the Home Medical Equipment Company – where the data is wirelessly sent to your doctors computer. However keep in mind. Your insurance company and the Home Medical equipment company also has access to that data. For some people they get upset and strongly feel it is a form of “Big Brother Watching and Monitoring Your Usage.”

• Medicare and a number of health insurances companies now require that their subscribers must have a Data card in their CPAP machine. This is to satisfy Medicare's requirement that their subscriber is actually using the CPAP for a certain number of hours per night and per month. They call it CPAP Compliance.

• If they fail to meet their insurance requirements, the insurance company will stop paying for the CPAP.

• We have seen time and time again the doctors change settings and even change the type of machines to be used for a person because of the powerful information these units provide.

• Watch the video where I strongly urge you to take a more active role in monitoring the data for yourself.

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