Respironics Comfort Gel Mask - VIDEO Review of this Respironics CPAP Mask

Video Review & Transcript that clearly show you the weakness and strengths of the Respironics Comfort Gel Mask. You must know this before buying this Respironics CPAP mask !!

This is a very old CPAP mask, it’s been around for a long time.

Just to let you know right off the bat, the manufacturer representatives of Phillips Respironics had informed me that this mask as of December 2010 ......they will discontinue manufacturing it.

But, that’s not to say that you can’t get it, because there’s plenty of home medical equipment companies that have this in stock.

This CPAP Mask is being replaced by the Respironics Comfort Gel Blue and you’ll watch another CPAP video review on it. But, first, let’s go onto this.

This sleep apnea mask is designed for the nose breather, and by the way, this is a very soft gel. Look at this, it’s a soft mold-able gel piece here. If you read the instructions that come with it, it will tell you how you can mold this to fit your nose. Unfortunately, the majority of people who do get it will not mold it, they seem to like it the way it is. So, they don’t really get the full benefit of it.

For this mask you don’t get too much success with somebody who has dentures with it, so if you have any dentures, especially on the upper teeth, it’s kind of tough because this is heavy. It feels heavy on the gum line.
It is great for back sleepers, stomach sleepers, side sleepers.

It’s very good for facial hair, very good for high CPAP and BIPAP settings.

Just as a quick thing, women with long fingernails do not like this mask in using this portion of it. I’ll go over that with you in a couple of minutes. It’s not easy to read in bed with this thing or watch TV with it, because of this piece here. Of course, keep in mind if you have a cold or you’re suffering from allergies during allergy season you cannot use this kind of a mask or any nasal mask, you need to be using a CPAP full face mask.

Now, the CPAP headgear. They call this a premium head gear and it’s really very good CPAP head gear. It does a good job staying on your head. The bad thing is it’s one size fits most. It has a quick disconnect clip, I want to show this to you real quick. Let me zoom in on it. This way you can take this off your face when you need to use the bathroom or when you’re done sleeping and then clip it back.

One of the major drawbacks that this mask had and it lost a lot of its potential new clients when people first got this, this spot here would break very easily. If you break this spot here, and let me tell you if you’re like a bull in a china shop, if you’re very strong and you’re not gentle you can still break this, but they have reinforced it. They made this a lot stronger. So, keep that in mind.

Your exhalation port very uniquely is right here, there’s a slit here and here. Let me zoom back. It’s in this region here. If you feel air leaking out of here, that’s normal air escaping. I was getting phone calls left, right, and center from so many people about this issue and it’s normal, that’s your exhalation port. So, when you sleep if you’re someone who likes to put your blanket high above, do not cover this area. This elbow swivels 360 degrees so you do not get caught up in the tubing while you move around in bed.

Now, let me go up here. You see this here, let me zoom in a little bit more. Here we go. This part here controls your forehead cushion. Now, you need two hands. One hand holds the mask, one hand squeezes this. You see how you move it? You have four positions where you can place this thing.

The purpose of this is, number one, it helps fit a lot of people better. Number two, it alleviates pressure points if you have any pressure points around the face area it will help alleviate that. Number three, it helps seal off leaks. In different positions the mask is going to tilt back or away from the face. It’s a little bit cumbersome, you need two hands to use it to move this thing when you’re sleeping in bed, but it’s very much doable.

The Respironics Comfort Gel cushion, like I said, is very soft and this is designed to be molded to your nose. You see this little extra flap here? This little flap here also helps control leakage issues – cpap mask leaks. It inflates out slightly and it helps contain the CPAP or by-PAP pressure within this cavity.

One problem with this is when you do get this and you take it out of the packaging it has a slight odor to it. You should actually wash this a few times before using it. And drying is very, very important. Make sure you let it dry really well, because you don’t want any moisture to be caught in here and it stays wet because mold will develop in this area.

Once again, this is a very good mask. It comes in petite, small, medium, and large . You can buy the cushions separately. You see how I take this out? This can save you a lot of money. You just clip it back in. You can just buy the extra cushions as you need it.

With that, I’m signing out. Bye.

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