Respironics Comfort Gel versus Respironics Comfort Gel BLUE Mask.

This Video Review clearly shows you the difference between Respironics Comfort Gel BLUE and the Respironics Comfort Gel Mask . Here is the weaknesses and strengths. Understand them so you do not make a mistake.

Now, this replaces the Respironics Comfort Gel Mask. I’ve had some people at first glance say, “I don’t see the difference.” Well, right off the bat this is the exhalation port and it’s different. It’s a lighter blue, this is a darker blue. I’ll go over the main details here. This video is going to go over the good, the bad, and the stuff that works. Here we go.

This is a much lighter mask compared to the older Comfort Gel mask. Unfortunately the comfortgel cushion you cannot mold this to fit your nose anymore, that property has been taken out. This is a phenomenal mask also for nose breathers. Very good for back, stomach, and side sleepers. Very good for facial hair. Very good for high CPAP settings and for high BIPAP settings also.

Ladies with long nails will not like using this particular feature here. If you have long nails you tend to knock it. They find it difficult or irritating to use that. It’s not easy to read in bed with it or watch TV with it, because even though it’s slightly slimmer you can’t see.

You can do it, but if you’re claustrophobic it does take some real estate on your face, but there are strategies you can use to overcome it. And if you have allergies during allergy season or if you’re suffering from a cold you cannot use this, you need to use a full face mask.

The head gear is very good. They call it a premium head gear. The bad thing is it’s one size fits most. The front here I sort of quickly eluded to this feature here, this clip here can come lose. You can take this off so you can set and forget and when you’re done using it you can clip it back.

They’ve reinforced this, they’ve made this so much stronger. But, still be careful because if you put too much force you break this and you’re done with the mask, you cannot use this. If you find that the heagear here is a little too long in the back for you, you can fold it inside here, or this way or that way. And because this part here rotates it will accommodate for your folding, so you can make this head gear a little more better fitting for you by just rolling it around.

The exhalation port they’ve improved upon it. Here it is right there. They’ve put it right here and angled it better so it doesn’t hit your bed partner. It’s much quieter. This part here is a phenomenal feature, unfortunately you need to use two hands while you’re using this.

You have to hold one hand here, one hand here, and you see how it rocks back and forth. There are four positions. These four positions will help you seal off leaks and alleviate pressure points. This will make the mask a heck of a lot more comfortable.

The cushion is so much more lighter than the other one, like I mentioned. One negative is that when you do get this out of the bag there is still a slight to a odor to it. But, you should just wash it well and let it dry really well before putting it back on. You might have to wash it a couple of times to get rid of the “manufacturing process smell”.

The good news is comparing these two together, that’s if this is the old style Comfort Gel mask, if it’s small you can just get this cushion ( comfortgel blue ) and try it on this. So, these cushions are interchangeable. There you go, easy.

So if you already own a Respironics ComfortGel Mask then go ahead and just order the same size cushion for the Comfortgel Blue. It will save you a lot of money.

So, petite, small, medium, and large are your sizes. You see how I’m putting it back, it’s very easy. Because you can buy cushions by itself you save a lot of money. Instead of buying the whole mask you can just buy replacement cushions.

When you dry it make sure this part here dries really well in here, otherwise mold will develop.

The purpose of this is it makes it a little bit more comfortable on your face. Also, it traps the CPAP pressure into this cavity and you get a better seal.

I’ll tell you it’s a very good mask, I have a lot of very good positive feedback from this. With that, I’m signing off. I wish you sweet dreams.

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