Why I don't Recommend Respironics Comfort Full 2 Mask - Video Review

"I’m going to tell you right off the bat, I don’t like this Respironics Comfort Full 2 mask."

This is the video review of the Comfort Full 2 Face Mask made by Respironics. Just for full disclosure, please know that this Comfort Full 2 Mask used in this video review I received it as a sample from the manufacturer. I personally used this sample mask appropriately, along with other different masks. This mask and all the other sample masks I get from various manufacturers I use to show my sleep apnea patients the various options they have and for demonstration purposes.

Let me jump right ahead. This is good for the mouth breather. It’s good if you’re currently using nasal pillows or a nasal mask and you suffer from allergies, this is good because you’re a mouth breather at that point. I’m going to tell you right off the bat, I don’t like this mask. As much as there a lot of people who like it, I am not in favor of it compared to all the other options. I prefer 100 times better the high end version called the Comfort Gel Full Face Mask. It is 10 times better than this one. That’s just my opinion based on feedback I’ve gotten from patients and also when I’ve tried using this myself.

The biggest problem I have from it is the bruising on the bridge of the nose. Just talking about it right now I can feel it on the bridge of my nose, the experience that I had. But, there’s a lot of people that this doesn’t bother them at all.

Stomach sleepers it’s not effective, side sleepers it’s not as effective. If you have facial hair it’s not as effective. Back sleepers, it’s very good. Side sleepers, it is effective as long as you don’t move too much in bed. You cannot watch TV, because this is such a big bulky mask. If you’re claustrophobic this is going to set you off the edge.

The part that I wanted to show you here, which is a good feature, but the high end mask has it too, if you squeeze this you see how this mask moves? There are four positions. This helps alleviate pressure points, helps seal off leaks. The other competitors, the ResMed mask has a dial that makes it easy with one hand you can turn it and it does the same thing, the ResMed has 24 positions, this has four positions. But, it’s a very useful feature.

This part here is your exhalation port. When you exhale air needs to escape and it will come out of there. This hole here is what you use to breathe when you have a power failure, you’ll be breathing through this.

This is a good feature, it’s a quick disconnect clip. You cannot put it in this way or take it out this way, you have to go sideways to take it. Ladies with long fingernails hate this, they find it difficult because they’ll end up hitting the mask.

The headgear is a very good headgear. However, some women with long soft silky hair this tends to slide a little bit. That’s some of the complaints I’ve gotten. Other than that this is a very good headgear.
As far as sizes go they come in small, medium, and large.

By the way, I want to go back to the bruising issue. Even if you read their literature from Respironics they talk about it too. They tell you to soak the mask for 30 minutes, rinse and dry, to help soften this thing up.

If you’re already using it continue using it, but I strongly urge you at one point or another try out this mask, the high end mask which is so much better. The high end mask, look at that, you can even take out the cushion and replace it.

With that I’m signing out. This is a short video. Have sweet dreams.

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