Resmed Swift FX Nasal Pillows System- Strengths & Weaknesses.

I created this information packed Video review of the Resmed Swift FX Nasal Pillows System to help you wisely choose the best CPAP Nasal Pillows from the Resmed CPAP Masks family of products.

Disclosure - Please note that the Resmed Mirage Swift FX used in this video review was given to me as a sample by the Manufacturer. Since then I have privately purchased my own Swift FX for my own use. I personally use this sample Swift FX mask appropriately along with other different types (and brands) of sample CPAP masks from various manufacturers, to show our sleep apnea patients choices. Plus I use these sample CPAP Masks for demonstration purposes to help them overcome their many and varied CPAP masks problems. I want to quote something a lot of my long term CPAP and Bipap users have said to me. “I wish this Resmed Mirage Swift FX was around when I first started using my machine a long time ago.”

The Resmed Swift FX mask is truly the softest nasal pillows around. Right now as of January 18, 2011, of all the nasal pillows this is the most prescribed cpap nasal pillows by a lot of sleep centers, especially at the big teaching hospitals where they do a lot of research.

It is light weight.

You have to be able to breathe through your nose and keep your mouth shut in order for you to truly benefit from this.

If you open your mouth you will then need to use a cpap chinstrap (see our review of the best cpap chin strap) or otherwise convert to using a CPAP Full Face Mask, Hybrid CPAP Mask or an Oral CPAP Mask.

The Resmed Swift FX is great if you want to read in bed, because your eyes are not obstructed. You could put your glasses on. You can watch TV. If you feel claustrophobic it is very minimalistic. Look at it, even the swfit fx head gear it doesn’t take too much real estate on your face or your head, so to speak. However, if you have allergies or if you’re suffering from a cold you cannot use this, you need to use a cpap full face mask or hybrid cpap mask. So, keep that in mind also. One of the negative features that the swift fx nasal pillows system has, and I don’t know why this is, if your CPAP or Bipap machine has an automatic start and stop feature, especially the stop feature, it will not work. For a lot of people it will not work when you’re using this Resmed CPAP Mask. So, keep that in mind.

You tend to dry your nasal passages a little bit more using these Resmed Mirage Swift FX nasal pillow systems, not only this one, all types because the air is two jet streams being shot directly into your nostril. All you have to do is raise your heat level on your heated humidifier, thus you will get more humidity and you will feel a lot more comfortable. Generally speaking, we do not prescribe or most therapist will not recommend cpap nasal pillows, even this, for anybody who has a CPAP settings of 10 of higher. However, I have personally worked with people where they were using this resmed nasal pillows at 12 cmh20.

The drawback of the mirage swift fx head gear is it’s one size fits most, but it’s a good one and it fits most people. If you know you have a really small head, perhaps then you want to go for the sister version of this called the “ Resmed Mirage Swift FX For Her ”, it’s just a little bit smaller and it fits smaller and petite heads. These nasal pillows come in 4 sizes; extra small, small, medium, and large. The Swift FX for Her comes in extra small, petite, small, and medium. So, if you know you have a really tiny nostril size, I suggest going for the Swift FX for Her. (The first version of the Swift FX only came in small, medium and large size pillows. The newer versions now come with 4 sizes.)

The exhalation port is very good and quiet. Your bed partner doesn’t get hit by the air. The tubing can move, you see how freely, this is good. One drawback is that you cannot attach this to the top of your head. But, generally, people don’t really do it that way anyway.

See this tubing here? It’s almost like a slinky and stretchy. It’s supposed to prevent drag when you’re moving around in bed so that the pillows are not pulled out. However, if you’re sleeping on the edge of the bed and this falls off the edge of the bed, this will end up pulling it off. It does have some weight. Regardless of what the manufacturer states, oddly enough, I’ve had enough people tell me that it has some weight. When I’ve tried it out sleeping with it I’ve felt it too.

There is no bruising on the nostrils like some people have complained of other cpap nasal pillows.

Huge drawback, and you’ve got to keep this in mind, it is so soft, these Resmed Mirage Swift FX CPAP Nasal Pillows, that when you’re moving in bed it collapses on itself. When that happens, believe me, you will wake up because you can’t catch your breath. It’s an easy problem to fix, you just pull this off your face, the CPAP air/ pressure will re-inflate the pillows, then you just put it right back in.

One really good thing about this is they give you these soft wraps.

These are cushions that you can put around here. This way you do not get any marks on your cheeks. It comes with the packaging.

Keep one more thing in mind, that when you do get the Swift FX from the home medical equipment company that it comes with four sizes, make sure you hold onto all four sizes. I urge you to play around with them. Regardless, if the doctor says it’s a medium, fine, try using the medium. If it doesn’t work out, at least you have the small and large there or the extra small and the other sizes to fall back on and try out.

I wish you sweet dreams. Check back at for another video

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