ResMed Swift FX BELLA CPAP Nasal Pillows Mask? – What’s The Big Deal?    

·       I just wished the ResMed Swift FX BELLA CPAP Nasal Pillows Mask wasn’t  pink in color. Sadly, this does turn off a  very small population of single men from trying it.

·       Women on the other hand very quickly gravitate towards it & are eager to try it out.


·       The part that goes around the ear is called “Bella Loops”. It goes around your ear. Nothing touching the top  & back of your head.

·       No more headaches from your CPAP headgear.

·       No more messing up your hair!!

·       Works with both the regular ResMed Swift FX & the Swift FX For Her.

·       They made it even quieter.

·       What comes packaged is the Extra Small, Small & Medium size nasal pillows.

·       You can buy separately and attach a Large size pillows also.

·       Very Lightweight.

·       It comes with types of ResMed CPAP headgear. It comes with the Bella Loops and the regular Swift FX headgear.

·       You are also given  Soft Wraps for the Bella Loops and Bella Headgear. This way you don’t get marks on your facial cheeks.

·       Some soreness behind the ear. (See the video)

·       It Leaks more when you use the Bella Loops. You are fine if don’t move in bed a lot. If you do, then you are better off using the regular headgear they give you.

·       Back Sleepers – fantastic

·       Side Sleepers – works in our experience about 60% of the time. If you move a lot in bed, we would recommend using the regular headgear with this ResMed CPAP Nasal Pillows. It works better that way.

·       Stomach Sleepers – 50/50. People have better experience using the regular headgear.

·       Claustrophobic – you will love the Swift FX with Bella Loops. It is away from your eyes.

·       Easy to wear glasses with – now you can read in bed or watch TV with it on.

·       Mouth breathers or if you have allergies. please don’t use this nasal pillows . You need a CPAP full face mask.

·       Not recommended of your CPAP setting is higher than 10 cmh20.

·       “Most” people (not everyone) usually find it uncomfortable when you use it above 10 cmh20. Just last week I worked with a lady whose CPAP pressure was 19cmh20 and she found it very comfortable to use the ResMed Swift FX BELLA CPAP Nasal Pillows Mask. Her biggest complain was it would break the seal easily and leak towards her eyes. Since she was one of those lucky few who could tolerate it at such high CPAP pressures. I had her stop using the Bella Loops & had her using her regular headgear that came with it. Problem solved.

·       Just a little bit more expensive but worth it….just because you will get 2 types of headgear.

·       Ears are sore ….initially for some people but it goes away.

·       You cannot tighten or adjust the Bella ear loops. Wish we could.