Resmed S9 menu usage

by Ryan
(Utah, USA)

Just a quick tip that I did not know until today.
A little background:
I just started using CPAP Therapy last Friday (7-13-2013), and have used this site a lot for researching what is involved for new patients. I have had a lot of good information from from anywhere from learning how to use the menus on different machines, to researching masks and head gear. After using my Resmed S9 for a few days, I wanted to check my usage and mask fit to see how I have been doing. (I learned how to do this through your videos on the site) I work graveyard shifts from 6pm to 6am and sleep during the day. After looking at my usage from the 2nd day of use, I noticed that it showed me that I had 1.7 hours of usage, and I know that I wore my mask for 10 hours that night/day. I then went to the sleep report menu to look at the total usage of the machine. Now this display showed me the "true" hours of usage, so I knew that I had used the machine more than the 1.7 hours on the sleep usage menu. This menu also showed me that I had used the machine the past 2 days at the minimum 4 hours>for each day. (required for some insurance) Today when I got up (around 2:15pm) I went to last nights usage menu, and it only showed that I had usage of 2.5 hours. I knew that I had the mask on for 8 hours, and so I re-entered into the sleep report menu and it showed that I did indeed use it the full 8 hours. I asked my DME company why these usage hours did not match up with my sleep report menu, and they just so happened to have the Resmed rep at the store when I called, and I was able to speak with him. The DME company could not answer my question, so he told me he would find out. (not too common for a rep to talk to a patient over the phone) The rep told me that at noon each day the machine usage screen starts over, (re-sets) and will record from noon on. So in actuality I did indeed use it for 8 hours, but the usage screen showed 2.5 hours because it started over at noon. (Therefore, I slept until 2:15, so the usage screen shows that I had a usage of 2.5 hours) The "normal" person uses a CPAP machine during the night hours, and then it resets the menu at noon the next day so it records the right usage for the "normal" person. Since I sleep from 7am to about 2-3pm, this daily usage screen is only going to show me how many hours after noon that I slept. I don't believe too many people know this, since most people sleep at night. Just thought I would share this for the next person that sleeps during the day and wants to know why his/her machine only shows a few hours usage when they know that they slept a lot longer with their mask on. In the 5 days I have been using my Resmed S9, I am excited to tell you that I have been adjusting well, and for people to not give up hope. I have only had a little soreness on the bridge of my nose, but I guess this is normal. So, keep a good attitude and get to know your machine, and keep trying. I have seen a difference in feeling better and feeling more rested since I have begun my treatment. I am sure I have more hurdles to jump before I am a "seasoned" CPAP user, but I feel I will not give up since you cannot buy your health.

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Jul 19, 2012
by: CpapHelpDesk

Thank you so much on many fronts:

a) Finding our website useful and letting us know. It means a lot.

b) Informing everybody about the clock resetting. Very important for overnight shift workers. Very important and educational. Thank You.

c) We are super thrilled that you have very quickly acclimated to using your CPAP. A lot of it has to do with your motivation to do something positive with your health crises and the tenacity to not give up. That my friend is admirable. This is a “game changer” for you.

d) In the future you can also call ResMed directly at 1 (800) 424-0737. They have a fabulous customer service program that is willing to help the consumer directly and not just us clinicians.

e) If the bridge of your nose is becoming increasingly sore, check with your DME if the are willing to exchange your mask for free for another brand/model. A lot of reputable DME companies have a free 30 day mask exchange policy from the date your received your CPAP machine & mask.

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