Resmed S9 Autoset CPAP - how all these awesome features compares to Respironics.

In part 2 of 3 - Resmed S9 Autoset CPAP Machine video review, I show & explain:

- Auto On / Auto off -- great for someone lazy like me.

- Difference between Respironics Remstar Auto and this Resmed CPAP.

- When the Auto OFF does not work. Be aware of them.

- Auto Dimming

- Automatic Altitude Setting.

- What is the minimum and maximum settings this CPAP can be programmed.

- Ramp . What you can change. A very good chance this is going to happen to you.

- How the ramp feature works in the other brands of CPAP machines.

- How you can program the type of CPAP tubing.

- Why you must register the type of CPAP mask you are using.

- Mask Fit Feature -- awesome.

- Which is harder to learn -- Respironics Remstar Auto CPAP or the Resmed S9 Autoset CPAP Machine ?

• Settings can be programmed between 4 cmH20 and 20cmH20.

• There is an Auto ON /OFF feature.

• The Auto-On – very responsive. As soon as you put your CPAP mask on and breathe, it starts. Some people find it a little too responsive for their taste. Especially, those who require additional time to get settled and comfortable placing their CPAP mask on. Once the Auto On is programmed by the Home Medical Equipment Company, you, the user cannot turn this feature off.

• The Auto Off works great! Just take the CPAP mask off your face and the Resmed S9 Autoset turns off.

• There are some CPAP masks that will not engage the Auto-On / OFF function. Example - Mirage Swift FX - Nasal Pillows and CPAP Full Face Masks.

• There is no audible “Mask Alert”. Respironics has an audible alarm. In the Resmed S9 Autoset CPAP there is no beeping. Just a visual display on the screen, indicating to you there is a significant leak.

• Ramp Time 0 to 45 min. (5-min. increments)

• When you turn the Resmed S9 Autoset on, it will start at a Ramp pressure (if it is programmed for ramp. Then it will work its way up to the minimum CPAP setting the doctor ordered.

• This is very different from all the other brands of Auto Adjust CPAPs. In the other brands, when you press the On button, you will start at the doctor’s minimum prescribed pressure first. Then if you wish you can press a second button (the Ramp button) to lower that minimum setting temporarily.

• We mention this because many people, once they become accustomed to their doctor prescribed auto adjust CPAP settings; will find the ramp very uncomfortable. They feel they are not getting enough air.

• What you should learn to do is know how to either reduce the Ramp Time or totally eliminate it.

“Mask Fit” – This feature will allow you to make sure you have a good seal around your CPAP mask before you drift off to sleep. Very nice feature.

• In the Resmed, you must remember to program the type of CPAP Mask you are using. This will affect the data reading.

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