Resmed S9 Autoset CPAP Machine - Short , Useful and Practical Video Review

Resmed S9 Autoset CPAP Machine - We separated this video review in to small parts. This way you could pick what you want to review. This will show you the strengths and weaknesses of this Resmed CPAP.

• This CPAP Resmed review is based on my personal experience using this unit and the many personal feedback I have received from our sleep apnea patients. I hope this helps.

Resmed S9 Autset CPAP Machine. Who has the edge on certain features.

- Think long term -- can this Resmed S9 Autoset meet your changing body as you age ?

- What is the quietest Auto Adjust CPAP machine in the market ?

- I compare the differences between the various Auto CPAP brands against

- What points you must consider when choosing an Auto CPAP simply based on Sound.

- Traveling Tips. What many people do. • The quietest machine in the market. Based on many sleep apnea patients feedback.

• This also includes my own personal experience of trying all of the various brands – I truly feel the Resmed S9 Autoset CPAP Machine is the quietest CPAP machine.

Sound Levels - Resmed S9 Series = 24 Decibels, Fisher & Paykel ICON AUTO CPAP = 29 Decibels, Philips Respironics Remstar AUTO CPAP = 29 Decibels, and DeVilbiss Intellipap Auto Adjust CPAP = 26 Decibels.

• What is your personal sensitivity to sound ? A few factors to keep in mind :

a) What is your CPAP setting? The higher your CPAP settings the louder the sound.

b) Type of CPAP Tubing – 15 mm or 22 mm . Did you dial in the right CPAP Tubing size into programming mode.

c) The type of CPAP mask you use. Example - Someone using CPAP Nasal Pillows at a CPAP setting of 16 cmH2O will rightfully say it is noisy. However not as noisy if that person uses a CPAP Full Face Mask. Also, make sure you have the appropriate size mask. A leaky CPAP mask will be noisy to you and your bed partner.

d) Every CPAP brand has their own unique signature sound.

e) The sound of your breathing, when you put the CPAP mask on while the CPAP machine is turned on.

f) How sensitive is your bed partner to the total sound. Is he/she a light sleeper? To you it might sound soft but to them it sounds like a whirlwind. You must factor that in your choice of CPAP machine.

g) Where you place the CPAP machine will change your experience of its sound. The further away from your head the softer it is. Most people would place the unit on a night stand just inches away from their head.

h) If you are a heavy breather or feel Shortness of Breath during sleep, this will contribute to the total sound level.

• Many people have positively commented on how it works incredible well, working in sync with their breathing.

• Some people do complain of hearing a soft whistling sound when breathing with this machine. I have only noticed this with myself and with a few sleep apnea patients - when I am slightly out of breath or have labored breathing.

Warranty is 2 years. Only DeVilbiss CPAP machines has the longest warranty - 3 year warranty. This is true if you privately pay for your CPAP machine. If you get it via your Health Insurance, it may be different. Always inquire upfront.

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