Resmed Quattro FX Review - (The Strengths & Weaknesses of the Mirage Quattro FX Cpap Mask)

I created this video to reveal the strength and weaknesses of the Resmed Quattro FX.

This way you can decide if this Mirage Quattro FX Cpap Mask from the family of Resmed CPAP Masks will best meet your needs before you even spend money on it.

It’s a new mask (spring 2011) made by ResMed and it is fantastic.

As you can see here, and I’m going to tilt the camera higher, it has no forehead cushion, it doesn’t obstruct the eye. The Mirage Quattro FX Cpap mask works very well for somebody who feels claustrophobic and they require a full face mask. This will do very well.

On top of that, the mask is extremely light weight. Many people, including me when I used this, I questioned myself, “Do I really have a mask on?” after awhile when you no longer feel it on you. It really is a good Resmed Cpap mask.

This mask also will work very well for a person who uses nasal pillows

and a nasal mask for during allergy season or when they suffer from a cold, because your nose is congested you have no choice you have to breathe through your mouth. This is a good emergency backup mask.

Now, the sizes. It comes in small, medium and large. The bad thing is it doesn’t have extra-small or extra-large size. The headgear, let me show in the back here, it says medium, all these masks come with the medium headgear.

If you know you have a smaller head or larger head than normal the bad thing is you have to pay extra just to buy a different size headgear.

My advice to you is before spending the extra money just get the mask with the headgear the way it is and see if it works for you. It might just work for you, because I know this particular medium headgear Resmed just recently made this a little bit longer than what it used to be, so they’ve made some improvements on it.

The biggest problem with this is cpap air leakage in the eye. This is an inherent problem with all cpap masks that don’t have forehead cushions. The key to combating it is how you place it.

By the way, I want to show you, you see this quick disconnect clip on both sides. It is so easy to take this out. It’s easier to put this one and take it out than the Mirage Quattro Full Face Mask. It’s the same thing, but it just feels so much easier. For example, if you have to go to the bathroom you can just unclip it and put it right back on and you won’t lose your sleepiness.

Since we’re on the topic of bathroom, if you need to you can also put this on your face – here we go, pretend my hand is the tubing, you can leave this on your face, walk to the bathroom, come back and snap it right back on. So, you can easily slip back to sleep. However, I’m not a big fan of doing that. I always recommend using this to take it off. Remember, when you’re sleepy you have poor light and you’re groggy and you’re trying to make your way to the bathroom and your field of vision is obstructed. I do not want you to trip and hurt yourself.

Going back to leakage. The key to doing this is how you put the mask on. You have to put it on the bridge, push it there, and then come down. Put it up there and then come down. You must learn how to do this when you are in bed. When you feel the mask leaking, reposition it, pull it off your face, put it up there and come down. It will work wonders for you.

This is the exhalation vents. It is quiet. I have not had any complaints from any of the patients saying that the air coming out of this is hitting their bed partner, so this is important.

By the way, this mask is smaller than its contemporary, the Hunt Rudolph V2, it’s a little bit smaller and lighter. The Hunt Rudolph is fantastic, it’s got a good track record, but this is hot on its heels.

Back sleepers, it will work very well. Side sleepers, it works very well as long as you know that you are not an active sleeper, meaning you don’t move around in bed too much. Whenever you move around in bed too much you will get a little bit more incidences of air leaks. Stomach sleepers, it’s 50/50, it works sometimes, sometimes it doesn’t work. That’s the report that I’ve been getting from even the other medical personnel that I talk to based on their experience.

One of the irritating things about this, let me show you. It’s easy to take this out to clean, you see how I’m peeling this off. Well, if you’re not diligent enough in pushing this all the way into the Resmed Quattro FX frame, this little bugger has a way of working its way out like this during sleep. This has happened to a number of my patients and has happened to me. So, it can get really irritating. You just have to do due diligence and push it in. You see it’s still not all the way in, you have to tuck it all the way in to remain there. A lot of people think they need to get a Resmed Quattro FX replacement frame. Actually what they need to do is push the cushions into the grooves as shown in this video all the way.

With that, yes, I do recommend it. In just this month alone I have set 10 people up on this. Eight of them on my follow up visit with them and phone calls with them love it, two of them do not like it. One of them happens to have a full beard, this was prescribed to them by their nurse practitioner from the sleep center, so I had to jump to come up with an alternative mask for that gentlemen.

I’m going to wish you sweet dreams and I’m signing out. Thank you for watching

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