My ResMed Mirage Full Face Mask is Hurting Me ! -  Here Are The Solutions.

My cpap Resmed Mirage Full Face Mask is hurting me is an extremely common issue. Take a look at this comment we received on our YouTube Channel….

 "Hmmm,i wish i could say this helped. My mask fits great. It doesn't touch the bridge of my nose,and it doesn't move at all. I have had it adjusted where it is as loose as it can reasonably be. However,after a short while,it feels like someone hit me in the face with a ball peen hammer,right beside my nose. Again,i loosened the mask as loose as possible,and it truly is a great fit. I hear it happens to most people no matter what. I just hate that because it is impossible to sleep with,but i need it. Some padding like at 7:14 might help though. Can i use that on a ResMed Ultra Mirage?"

  • Of all the painful Resmed CPAP masks out in the market, the Resmed Ultra Mirage Mask is the worst offender. 

  • It is a good full face cpap mask but it is a very old mask with old technology in it. 

  • The other resmed mask that is very good but does hurt a good number of people is the Resmed Mirage Quattro.

  • As of today January 30, 2015 there are better Resmed CPAP masks where the cushions are soooooo much softer and with newer technology in it:

                a) ResMed Quattro Air CPAP full face mask.

                b) Resmed Air Fit F10 CPAP full face mask. 

  • Another awesome Fisher and Paykel CPAP mask that I am currently testing out and loving it, plus getting some incredibly positive

         feedback from my sleep apnea patients is  Simplus Full Face   Mask. Absolutely worth checking out.

  • To help heal the area of your face that is hurting from your current Resmed cpap mask, many people including me have used this ointment with so much success.