ResMed CPAP Mask Chin Restrain – Don’t Get It Until You Know This 1 Thing.

This is the video review for the ResMed CPAP Mask Chin Restrain.  ResMed makes this CPAP Chin Strap. ( See Video BELOW)

I want to go over the strengths and weaknesses shared with me by my sleep apnea patients.

This ResMed Chin Strap is one size fits most.  I really wish they had it manufactured in other sizes.

This is good for someone who's Claustrophobic because it doesn't cover the face.

See how it slips right off? A good number of people have said that depending on the type of hair they have, (if you have really soft and silky hair) this chin strap may tend to slip.

Now, do you see this little “V”? This should sit slightly here. Now what I am about to show you applies to all brands of CPAP Chin Straps.

You have to be careful that you don't have this chin strap covering your mouth, voice box, larynx, or anywhere near your voice box area.

Why? Because it will choke you. It’s very dangerous.

What you want is for it to sit comfortably underneath here….cradling the chin. Please always keep this in mind.

The ResMed CPAP Chin Straps are now thinner, which is a good thing for people who have smaller face.

In my personal opinion,

 just from working with so many sleep apnea patients, If you have a larger than average face size, do not get this CPAP Chin Strap.

It will be too tight for you. 

If you have severe “Jaw Drop”, meaning if you're someone whose mouth opens wide when you sleep, this CPAP chinstrap will not work.

This ResMed chinstrap  will not work effectively for you. 

There are other types of CPAP Chin Straps that have demonstrated to work more effectively.

The Velcro will last a long time depending on how tightly you use it.

I know a lot of people who have made this last close to a year before they replaced their ResMed CPAP Chin Strap.

Now, the other thing is, please don't let this cover your mouth. 

You can use this ResMed Chin Strapwith any CPAP Nasal Mask or CPAP Nasal Pillow.

You can even use it with the ever popular CPAP PRO, No Mask System, which doesn't have a headgear. 

Now this may sound strange, but there have been many times that we have used a CPAP Chinstrap with a CPAP Full Face Mask.

What happens is that when your mouth opens up slightly and your CPAP pressure or BiPAP pressure is so strong that your mouth pops open, it tends to hurt the jaw.

You use the ResMed Chin Strap to control how wide your mouth opens. You see, you can let it open this much or this much but not this wide. 

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