Resmed CPAP Humidifier - A Useful Review of Resmed H5i CPAP Heated Humidifier

Resmed CPAP Humidifier – Everything you need to know about weakness and strengths this CPAP Heated Humidifier has. Loved by many of our sleep apnea patients. The Resmed H5i CPAP Heated Humidifier is truly one of the best in the market.

• In this video I show the strength & weaknesses of this Resmed CPAP Humidifier - The Resmed H5i Heated Humidifier.

- How this Cpap Humidifier compares to Philips Respironics Humidifier and Fisher & Paykel Humidifier.

- How it comes apart far to easily.

- What other brands of CPAP humidifiers are more sturdier.

- When it is safe to open this Resmed CPAP Heated Humidifier.

- I show you what happens when you use Tap water instead of Distilled water. YUCK !!

- Do you hate cold air blowing in your nose? -- How to pre-warm your CPAP Humidifier. Awesome feature. Many people love it. You can't live without it during the winter time.

- How people dangerously use this unit. STOP if you are currently doing it !! DANGER !

- This is how you change your heat settings on this Resmed CPAP Heated Humidifier.

- What to say to the Home Medical Equipment Company.

- "Climate Line Tubing" -- Heated CPAP Tubing -- the best way to reduce condensation (water) in your cpap tubing and mask. GET IT PLEASE !!

Different brands of CPAP Heated Humidifier perform very differently. If you take the time to watch our video reviews you will (hopefully) have enough information to make the right choice before deciding to purchase a CPAP & Heated Humidifier.

I know I did before I got mine. Weigh out the Pros & Cons first.

Oh Yeah - I forgot to mention one important weakness of this Resmed CPAP Humidifier.

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