A Useful Review of the Philips Respironics True Blue Nasal CPAP Mask Review. 

In this Philips Respironics True Blue Nasal CPAP Mask review we wanted to show you the complaints and strengths people have shared with us about this sleep apnea mask

·      Back Sleepers= works wonderful.

·      Side Sleepers = it works well most of the time.

·      Stomach Sleepers = I would not recommend. Too bulky. I haven’t had any stomach sleepers who liked this mask.

·      Great For Nose Breathers

·      Not good if you suffer from Allergies. Please use a CPAP full face mask.

·      A lot of people are easily turned off when looking at it initially. Please don’t judge it by its looks. It is a very good Respironics CPAP Nasal Mask.

·      Lousy if you are a mouth breather. Unless you use a CPAP Chin Strap with this Respironics sleep apnea mask. (To be truthful…. if you open your mouth, please consider using a full face CPAP mask.


 ·      Moustache and Beards - good mask.

 ·      This Philips Respironics True Blue Nasal CPAP Mask Designed for the active CPAP user who moves around in bed a lot. That’s why you have the accordion looking thing…(please see the video)

·      Replaceable cushion. Make sure you specifically request for the flap also.

 ·      Per the manufacturer. …make the mask loosely fit and the outer cushion flap will inflate around the nose & seal.  The feedback I have received mirrors my experience…you do have to tighten the headgear to get a good seal.


Forehead Cushions

·      Forehead cushion – comfortable and it moves. Problem is ….it comes off and you can easily loose it between the bed sheets.

 ·      You cannot adjust the forehead cushion. So if you have a long forehead or no forehead ….it may be uncomfortable.



·      Headgear – very big. Not good if you have a small head.

·      Ask for the “ Reduced Size Headgear – Model # 1071874” – Most people don’t know that. 

·      Having the top strap is very beneficial.

·      The talon clips …. Easy to take off and put on. This way you do not have to keep adjusting the CPAP head strap all the time.



·      The cushion is much thinner than the Respironics Comfort Gel Blue. 

·      Many people who have used the older Respironics Comfort Gel & the Comfort Gel Blue mask do not like True Blue. 

·      The TRU Blue gel is not heavy and our patients with sensitive gum lines or dental problems like it.

·      Sizes …. Petite, Small, Medium, Medium Wide and Large.  So many choices. The sizes almost match the older Comfort Gel Blue mask sizes. Maybe just a little bit snugger.

·       Petite Frame – Petite cushion only, 

·       Small Frame - Small and Medium Cushions,

·      Medium Frame = Medium and Small Cushions

·       Large Frame = Medium Wide and Large cushions (This is awesome. You can now interchange some sizes. Save a lot of money and just change the cushions size to get a good fit)

·      So far (as of this posting 3/2013) … I personally haven’t had anyone complain of being allergic to gel material.

·      This is a very good alternative to ResMed Mirage Activa CPAP Nasal Mask and the ResMed Soft Gel mask. (But it is not softer than the Soft Gel)

·      Smaller faces …..the mask will tend touch your upper lip.

·      The very few people who I have worked with that have high CPAP pressures….around 17 cmH20 and up…….found it leaked a lot.

·      Few people have complained of being bruised on the bridge of the nose.  The ones I personally worked still liked the mask a lot just the bruising part was the main issue. Quite often the issue is they have the wrong size.

·      Please measure your nose. To be on the safe side. It does seem to appear a bit on the small size. That’s why I recommend getting the “Fit Pack”


·      Get the “FIT PACK” …. You will get a small & medium cushions   (model #1071816)  or you get the Medium Wide and Large cushions (model# 1071817).  Pay a little bit more in the beginning and  get 2 sizes. Because they run a little bit snug. Once you figure what size you like then in the future you can save money and just get that size.


·      Wash your face before using ….. it will help the mask establish a good seal on your face.

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