Are you looking for a good Oral Cpap Mask ? An Alternative to the Cpap Full Face (See video review below).

I nearly gave up until I tried the Oral Cpap Mask.  The only mask I can use and sleep with all  night. I wanted to pack it away. My nose is constantly congested. I  am so upset when I think about how much money I wasted trying  various Cpap masks." - A recent comment from one of our Sleep Apnea patient.

• The lower the Cpap settings,  the higher the success rate of using the Oral Cpap Mask comfortably all through the night. 

•    Anything below 12cmh20 is tolerable for most people using oral cpap device.

•     By the way many people call it by different names (same mask but different names) -  Oracle 2 Oral Cpap Mask,  Cpap Oral Mask,   Oral Cpap Device.

• Drooling -  Your mouth will treat this Oral Cpap Mask as food when you put it in your mouth in the beginning. 

Thus produce a lot of saliva. So for a lot of  people they will drool. Especially hard if you are a side sleeper. 

•  We have not had any back sleepers complain of this yet.

•      However after a few weeks or sooner (there is just no way of telling when) the large amounts of saliva  production stops or at least reduces significantly.

• No more itchy nose. You can scratch your nose whenever you feel like it. : )

• A very small amount of people have a gagging sensation in the beginning. Over time that does go away.

• Some peoples teeth will start to ache after using this mask.

Especially irritating when you sleep on your side. Have a towel handy. 

• Great mask to use if you are Claustrophobic.

• You can easily Read in Bed or Watch TV in Bed with Cpap Oral Mask.

• Your mouth and throat will dry out quickly. You must use a heated humidifier and know how to increase the humidity output.  

Oracle HC452 – made by Fisher & Paykel

• This is the only type of Oral Cpap Mask available as of now.

• Some people call it Oracle 2 Oral Cpap Mask. The proper name is Oracle HC452.

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