Why This Video Review Of The Opus 360 Nasal Pillows CPAP Mask Will Help You.

This video review shows you why the Opus 360 Nasal Pillows CPAP Mask system is one of the best in Fisher and Paykel CPAP mask family of products. The Opus Nasal Pillow CPAP mask consistently gets the best results and the least amount of complaints by my patients.

Disclosure - Please note that the Opus 360 used in this video review was privately purchased by me for my personal usage. In addition to that I have a sample Opus 360 that was given to me by the Manufacturer. I personally use this sample mask appropriately along with other different types (and brands) of sample CPAP masks to help my sleep apnea patients overcome their CPAP masks problems.

Welcome back to CpapHelpDesk.com. This is a video review of  the Opus 360 made by Fisher and Paykel. 

This is a fabulous mask. I’ll tell you, as of today’s date January 17, 2011, of all the nasal pillows that are out in the market, this one consistently provides the best results with the least amount of complaints from my patients. Once again, this is truly one of the best CPAP nasal pillow systems around. 

The opus nasal pillow cpap mask is designed for somebody who is a nose breather, not a mouth breather. If you open your mouth you need to use a cpap chin strap. And if you cannot use a cpap chinstrap you will then have to use a cpap full face mask , hybrid cpap mask or an oral cpap mask.

The opus 360 is truly extremely light weight</b>. Because the footprint is so small, look how small it is here, it really doesn’t bother too much around your face as far as bruising is concerned. If somebody has a <b>thick mustache this is absolutely fabulous</b>. 

With the opus 360, yes, you can read in bed, as you can see you can also wear your glasses and you can watch TV with it on.  The only problem is if you’re suffering from allergies during allergy season or just have a head cold temporarily, you cannot use this type of mask. You would need to use a full face mask or an oral cpap mask. 

Now, dryness in the nasal passages is more common here, but is an easy problem to fix. Basically, you just increase your heat level on your heated humidifier and you will get more moisture. The reason why dryness is a little more prevalent here is because you have the nasal pillows sitting lightly on the opening of the nostrils. By the way, you should  not shove it  deep into your nostrils. It should be just sitting lightly at the opening of your nostril. But realize that  you have two jet streams of air just constantly blowing into your nostrils. 

The opus 360 nasal pillow mask is not really recommended for somebody whose CPAP pressure is 10 cmh20 and higher. No doubt, this nasal pillows are designed to handle high CPAP pressures, but if you have somebody who is 10cmh20 and higher as far as their CPAP or Bipap pressures are concerned it’s going to be very uncomfortable. That’s just one of those things you must be aware of.

The <b>head gear is very good. This thing here is how it comes in the box or when you see a picture of it.  Some peoples initial reaction when the see the tubing go over the head is  “Oh no, I don’t want it.” But, let me show you this. You just unclip the Velcro and now the tubing falls loosely towards your chest. Actually, as far as this going over your head, it is a fabulous idea. 

There are <b>two reasons for it. One, it reduces drag, because when the tubing lays down across your chest and you have the attached CPAP tubing going also across your chest -   when you roll around in bed you’ll end up pulling the mask and you’ll get a lot of leaks. Number two, it just feels a lot more lighter if your cpap tubing goes over your head. 

The bad thing about the sizing of this head gear is it’s one size fits most. This is what I have to say so far about the head gear, now let’s move to the exhalation port. When you exhale, right here you see these little dots? That’s your exhalation port. 

It’s very quiet and it does a very good job not blowing air onto your bed partner. Now, you will always find exceptions to the rule, there will be somebody who will complain sooner or later that, “My wife,” or, “My husband is getting slammed by the air coming out of this.” But, generally I have not had any complaints from this particular nasal pillow, the Opus 360.

The cushion, I want to show this to you. It comes in small, medium, and large. Can you see it says “M”  .  Well small, medium, and large are the three cushions that come in the box. Do yourself a tremendous favor, make sure when you get this particular nasal pillows that the home medical equipment company gives you all three sizes. You want all three sizes, because you can play around with the various sizes. 

Here’s one really great benefit of the opus 360 cpap nasal pillows. I know this is sort of in the way, but can you see there’s almost a 45 degree angle where it’s not touching this part of my finger? One of the biggest complaints of most nasal pillows is -  everyone complains that it hits right above the upper lip. Not with the nasal pillows.  This doesn’t because of this angle on it. If you have a mustache, this nasal pillow system is perfect. So, if you have a thick mustache the Opus 360 is an absolute must !

Once again, this nasal pillow system is extremely easy to clean. 

If the pillows ever pops out, you see how this moves, it is so light and  it’s easy to put this back into position in your sleep . This is the Opus 360 Nasal Pillows made by Fisher and Paykel. I wholeheartedly recommend this. Believe it or not, this is still my first choice recommendation for nasal pillow users.

Take care.

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