Video Review - Respironics CPAP Mask – Optilife Mask ( CPAP Nasal Pillows )

This video review uncovers the weaknesses & strengths of the Respironics CPAP Mask – Optilife Mask ( CPAP Nasal Pillows ). Use this information packed review to help you decide if this is the appropriate mask for you.

Disclosure - Please note that the Optilife used in this video review was given to me by the Manufacturer as a sample. I personally use this sample mask appropriately along with other different types (and brands) of sample CPAP masks to help my sleep apnea patients overcome their CPAP masks problems.

Video Review - Respironics CPAP Mask – Optilife Mask ( CPAP Nasal Pillows ) - TRANSCRIPTS

Welcome back to This is a video review of the Respironics CPAP Mask – Optilife Mask ( CPAP Nasal Pillows ). A cpap nasal pillows made by Phillips Respironics.

To be honest, this is not my first choice of CPAP Nasal Pillows compared to all the available options out there in the market . I’ve had a fair amount of problems when I’ve recommended this or when doctors have prescribed this Optilife mask in the past. I and a lot of therapist have had to go back and replace this mask out on many patients due to the problems it has. Now on the flip side there are very large groups of people who have successfully used this mask and love it in spite of its weaknesses.

What’s odd enough is the group of people that has had the best success on this that I’ve seen are those with really high CPAP settings (pressures). I have patients who are at 18 and 20 cmh20 of pressures and they love it.

Just this month I worked with a patient who’s pressures was at 30 cmH20. Now that is a hurricane blowing up their nose and they could tolerate it. This individual only wants to use cpap nasal pillows and have tried many types. The Respironics CPAP Mask – Optilife is the only thing that works. This individual has been doing this for the last 5 years. The biggest problem they have is it’s a little noisy, and rightly so because there’s so much pressure coming out of the exhalation port that it creates a lot of noise. This mask is fairly light. It has what appears to be a chin strap right here. But it is not really a CPAP chinstrap to keep your mouth shut, it’s actually there to stabilize the mask so it sits better on your face.

The Respironics Optilife hose and mask is good for somebody who wants to read in bed or watch TV in bed. If someone who is claustrophobic this is good. For somebody who sleeps on their back, it has a very good performance record for that. Side sleepers, it has a fairly good track record.

In our experience, it works about 70 percent of the time for people who have facial hair like a mustache .

Your dryness in the nasal passages tends to be higher, not just because of this mask, but all nasal pillow systems because you have the CPAP pressure and a force of air being jettisoned right into the nostrils. All you have to do is raise your heater setting on your heated humidifier and that will raise your humidity level and that should take care of your dryness problem. The drawback on the head gear is it’s one size fits most. One of the drawbacks of this is you cannot position the Optilife cpap tubing to go over the head comfortably. There’s a lot of people who like having their tubing to go over their heads and they can’t do so easily, which is a negative. Recently Respironics had increased the length of the Optilife hose to remedy this problem.

The other thing is I’ve had a lot of patients who have soft silky hair and the head gear tends to slip off their head very easily, so that is a negative.

For some people this plastic here does cause a little bit of some marks. I wish they could make this a little bit softer, that would help. Once again, this chin strap is not designed to keep your mouth shut. If you need to keep your mouth shut , you need to get a real cpap chinstrap to be used along with the Optilife. Now, for some people they find this a little irritating, having this touching their chin, but that’s the way the mask is.

The exhalation port is fairly quiet. This tubing you cannot swivel around, so you see it easily comes off your face when you move around in bed because there’s no elbow here to swivel.

What is nice about Resp Optilife small nasal mask is the cushion comes in petite, small, medium, and large. You get all four sizes, that is fantastic. Most other brands only give you three sizes. They give you the four sizes of nasal pillows. It’s really important that when you do get this from your home medical equipment company that you hold on to all four sizes and don’t let them take them back to the store with them. In case one size does not fit well you can try another. Play around with it. These pillows can be rotated. You see how I’m doing it with my thumb? This is how you angle it to enter your nostril.

Once again, this is clearly not my first choice or second choice of cpap nasal pillows, but there are a lot of people who use it and have had good success with it, and those are generally the ones that used it during the sleep test and the doctor just prescribed it.

That’s it for now. Stop by to see our next video review.

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