Nasal pillow mask for high pressure.

by Bob Rogers
(Bakersville, NC)

I currently have a Resmed full face mask and my pressure is 15 Cm Water and I can't get the mask to seal properly and can't get to sleep after 5 months of trying.

I am considering a nasal pillow mask but you warn of high pressures with these masks. In your reviews you mention patients with pressure of 18 & 20 experiencing success with the Optiflex mask but recomend the Opus 360 as the most comfortable mask. I am inclined to the Opus 360 due to your statement of it's light weight but wonder if it will perform as well at 15 as the Optiflex. Is this more an issue of the patients ability to adjust to the high pressure in the nasal passages or does the Optiflex actually perform better.

Thanks, Bob.

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Aug 03, 2012

by: CpapHelpDesk

• Bob Your persistence & tenacity is truly admirable. I hope you will find someone as patient as your last technician. People reading your post will find you motivating.

• I would strongly urge you to try using a CPAP Mask Liner that will fit the mask you currently like or can tolerate the most. They do work in helping maintain a seal & reduce incidence of bruising. Ask the technician about it. The mask liner must be appropriate to fit your model and size mask.

• The Fisher & Paykel Opus 360 Nasal Pillows is a much more comfortable sleep apnea nasal pillows system compared to the Respironics Optilife.

• I have only personally met people tolerating high CPAP pressures utilizing the Optilife.

• The next type of CPAP Nasal Pillows that I have seen patients tolerate is the Swift FX. However those patient’s were using it at CPAP settings that were high but not as high as the Opus 360. The settings were more like in the 12 or 13 cmh20 area.

• Fisher & Paykel has just come out with a brand new nasal pillows system called the Pilairo. I wanted you to know just in case it is introduced to you. It is far to early to give an honest feedback whether it will perform well or not.

• Regardless of which Nasal CPAP Pillows you go for please be prepared to raise your CPAP Heated Humidifier Settings to counter balance the severe dryness you “may feel”. I am sure you know (for the benefit of other readers), the higher the heater settings the more moisture / humidification you will receive.

• Good luck on the SleepWeaver Advance mask. They have a lot of loyal fans.

Aug 02, 2012
Continued problems
by: Bob Rogers


I do have the ResMed Mirage Quattro Full Face Mask and all of my comments were on my using this mask. I am working with a technician on this and three other masks all of which I found unsuccessful. I since moved to NC and do not have access to the same technician but he was going to try a nasal pillow mask next.

I read a review of the Sleepweaver mask and since it offers a 30 day return policy I ordered it and just received it. I was enthused with the review so I have high hope, we will see how it works out.

In case not do you think the Optilife by Resperonics will perform better at my pressures than the Opus 360. You gave the Opus 360 a great review and it sounded like is was the most comfortable which is what I want.

Thanks for all of your time and help.


Aug 02, 2012

by: CpapHelpDesk

Hi Bob. Here are my thoughts.

• Let me start with an irritating but honest answer…nobody knows what will really work for you until you lie around in bed with a CPAP mask & try to sleep with it.

• Since you did not mention the name of your mask. Just in case, you currently have a ResMed Quattro FX CPAP full face mask, in my experience personally & tons of my patient’s experiences (not everyone), it tends to perform poorly at those high settings. You are better off “trying “ the ResMed Mirage Quattro Full Face Mask. Having that forehead cushion is extremely important & using that dial.

• Bob, please don’t do this alone. Either have the Home Medical Equipment companies Respiratory Therapist come to your home or you go to their office and:
a) Bring your CPAP, tubing and power chord.
b) Explain the problem.
c) Have the therapist/technician diagnose the problem & offer a solution in person.
d) ********Try out their sample masks at 15 cmh20 and not at the lower Ramp pressure. Almost no one does this. This is the closest way you are going to “make an educated guess” as to how that new mask “might” perform for you. Try out their CPAP Nasal Pillows so it satisfies your curiosity.
Try out nay mask they recommend.

Heads Up ....Just so that you call it by its proper name and so that the therapist can quickly recognize what you are referring to, it is called a Optilife made by Respironics. It is an older CPAP nasal pillows that most places might not have a sample. The Swift FX is good. Either way you might have too use a CPAP Chin Strap with Nasal Pillows if you open your mouth.

• Really consider the suggestions found on this page about High CPAP Settings. Also watch the individual reviews of these masks.

• The issue is at CPAP settings at 10cmH20 & higher, our delicate mucosal lining in our nostrils find it very uncomfortable. All these nasal pillows are designed to work up to 20 cmh20. The issue is, can someone tolerate it at those high settings where the pressure comes out like “laser jets” pointed directly into their nostrils ?

• Please don’t give up. You will find a solution.

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