My Home Made Video Review - Resmed Mirage Quattro (what you must know)

Welcome to This is the video review for the Mirage Quattro. This is a Cpap Full Face mask made by ResMed. It’s a fantastic mask that’s been around for awhile, it’s got a very good track record. Obviously, just like every mask it has strengths and weaknesses too.

For full disclosure, this particular Mirage Quattro mask that I’m using for this video review I purchased it myself out of my own personal funds.

However, I do get sample masks from ResMed which I use in helping our sleep apnea patients choose appropriate masks for their condition and for their unique needs. With that said, let me move forward .

This is designed for the full face mask, just to let you know this mask comes from here to under here just below the lip. This is perfect for somebody who has high CPAP pressures.

For high CPAP pressures and especially if you’re using a nasal mask or nasal pillows like this, you might feel a little bit uncomfortable because the pressure is too strong. With a full face mask like the Mirage Quattro you have all this area that takes the impact of the high CPAP pressure and it feels a lot more comfortable and tolerable.

However, I do want to jump to something else. On the aspect of nasal pillows like this where it enters your nostril, or nasal masks that just cover your nose, if you have allergies or you’re suffering from a head cold you cannot use it, because you’ll be a mouth breather and then you need to use a full face mask like this, which I do recommend. It doesn’t have to be this, but this is a great one, use it as an emergency backup mask.

Let me show you a couple of things. The Mirage Quattro CPAP headgear is beautiful , it comes in small, medium, and large. However, the majority of the headgear regardless of the size tend to be on the medium size. So if you know you are a small or a large headed person just ask the home medical equipment company, “Instead of giving me the medium can I get the other sizes?” Keep that in mind, otherwise they will charge you for it. At least ask. I know when people ask me about it I tend to bend over backwards to help them get the right size with no additional charge. Generally speaking that’s how it works out.

I want to show you the front of the Mirage Quattro mask. This part here, can you see how this moves? The forehead cushion moves back and forth. There are 24 positions. The closest competitor, this is the Respironics Comfort Full 2, it has four positions and you need to use two hands. With this you just need one hand, while sleeping you can do this. What this does is it helps this mask adjust to your face.

Secondly, it helps seal off leaks, because the mask will tilt back and forth. It will help seal off leaks, it will also help alleviate pressure points. When you feel uncomfortableness anywhere around this area just do this, turn this around, the mask will tilt and relieve the pressure points. So a very good feature.

Exhalation port, they’ve really improved on this. It’s quiet, it doesn’t blow into your bed partner’s face. However, I’m sure there are people with exceptions who have used this and had this issue, but none of the patient’s that I’ve worked with has ever complained about that.

The elbow moves 360 degrees, fantastic. You can stick your CPAP tubing in here, if you want you can have the tubing go over your shoulder, over the headboard, so this way it reduces drag where when you turn in bed you don’t tangle up in the tubing and end up pulling the mask off your face.

This is a great feature over here, pretend my hand is the tubing, if you need to get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom you can just pull this off, have this on your face and walk to the bathroom, come back and then just reattach it.

However, I’m not an advocate for it, I don’t like that feature. Remember, when you do this in the middle of the night going to the bathroom your lights are not really on, you’re sleepy, I don’t want you to bump your head into something.

I would rather you take the mask off using this little feature, clip it, unclip it, and go. This feature that a lot of ResMed’s mask have is the reason why I’ve been able to successfully help a lot of visually impaired patients and also people who have physical problems, maybe through injury or through a disease, like a stroke or if they have tremors where the hand movement is limited and this really helps them.

I want to go into this. The cushion comes in four sizes, extra-small, small, medium, and large. It’s very good and you have a lot of options. The bad news is this frame, this particular mask is a medium, this medium frame belongs to this medium cushion. You cannot put, for example, a large cushion onto a medium frame. I wish you could, but you cannot.

The other thing is this cushion – can you see this? There’s a green clip here. If you push this it comes out. It saves you a lot of money, if you need to you can just buy the cushions separately instead of spending money and buying another frame and headgear. A lot of people say that I’ve come across somewhere around the second or third month, especially if they tend to put their headgear really tight they tend to wear out the life of this cushion. You can just buy the cushion by itself and it will save you a lot of money.

Now, here’s a problem. Remember, you need to put this back. I want to show you these green clips have to go in, one, two, and in the bottom three. You need to use a lot of force, that’s hard for a lot of people. If this green clip here does not go in all the way you are going to have major CPAP air leakage and it’s going to drive you bananas. So this clip here has to go in all the way.

Final thing, some people do get bruising right here on the bridge of the nose. I think this part here just needs a little bit more cushioning. If you’re somebody who you know for a fact that you bruise easily, then you do not want to use this mask. Out of 10 people, I’m just giving you averages, out of 10 people who use this maybe one of them will bruise here. Once again, if you know you bruise easily then you do not want to use it. Otherwise, this is a go-to mask for a lot of us. We use this tremendously and it’s a fantastic mask.

I just want to show you one thing. They’ve just come up with the latest version of this called the Mirage FX. No forehead cushion. This is the Mirage Quattro, this is the Mirage Quattro FX. So this is something to know, just stop by the website and you can see the review on that too.

The Mirage Quattro Full Face Mask is definitely recommended. Sweet dreams.

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