Video Review of the Resmed Mirage Liberty Hybrid CPAP Mask

I will show you the difference between the Resmed Mirage Liberty Hybrid CPAP Mask and the other type of Hybrid CPAP Mask made by Innomed.

Transcript of the Mirage Liberty Review

Welcome to This is the video review for the hybrid cpap mask called the Mirage Liberty made by Resmed. As of July 2011 this is one of two hybrid CPAP masks available in the marketplace.

This defers from The Hybrid. This brand is called The Hybrid, this is the competitor and it’s made by Innomed. Can you see this part here? This Hybrid mask tucks in right under your chin, this one does not. This actually goes to your lower lip and it has nasal pillows in it.

Now, this is fantastic if you’re claustrophobic, if you like to watch TV or read in bed, if you have allergies. Remember, if you have allergies or a cold you can’t use your nasal mask or nasal pillows. This is definitely an option for you. There is no bruising whatsoever on the bridge of your nose.

By the way, I want to let you know this Resmed Mirage Liberty Hybrid CPAP Mask was given to me as a sample by the manufacturer.

I have tried it myself and then obviously I use it for demonstration purposes in helping our sleep apnea patients choose an appropriate mask based on their unique needs.

With that said, I prefer this. I’ve had more success, patients of mine are having more success with this “The Hybrid” than this - Resmed Mirage Liberty. I’ve had success with that, but this is a little bit more perfect. The issue here is more on the nasal pillows. It’s hard to keep the nasal pillows in place, they tend to pop right out, whereas The Hybrid tends to stay in place a little bit better.

This Resmed CPAP headgear actually comes in small size and standard size. So it depends on the size of mask you get. They go either small or large size. It’s tough to sell, but this headgear comes in two sizes and you can obviously request for another size.

The beauty about this is it has a quick disconnect clip, very nice. It makes it easy for you to take it off and put it back on. The top part here, and I want to see if I can zoom in on it.

Let me just take the Resmed Mirage Liberty CPAP mask off. This comes off fairly easy. I don’t know why they have this, but unless you clip it well we’ve had a number of patients (including me) who have experienced it where this comes off – I hardly put any pressure on it and it came off fairly easy. So this is something for you to keep in mind if these issues can irritate you.
As far as the elbow goes, this goes 360 degrees. The exhalation port on this oddly enough is right here and here. It’s a little noisy. I think it’s a little noisy. I haven’t had anybody complain, but from my observation compared to the other masks it is noisy. Not as noisy as its competitor, The Hybrid. It’s definitely quieter than The Hybrid.

The frame, these two holes are your anti-asphyxia wells in case there’s a power failure this is what you’ll be using and you’ll be breathing through here. The frame comes in small and large size.

One of the other things about this is the mouth piece. What comes with this are small, medium, large pillows – pillows are these things. Then you have to decide if you want a small mouth cushion or you want a large mouth cushion. So this has to be measured first. What I like about The Hybrid mask is everything comes in a package, every imaginable size of mouth piece and nose piece, so that’s one thing they also have an edge on versus these guys.

Now, because you’re using this Mirage Liberty Hybrid CPAP mask, you must use your heated humidifier appropriately. You run the higher risk of dryness in the mouth, in your oral cavity. Chances are you would have to increase your heat setting so you get more moisture coming in. That is something you must keep in mind.

With that said, it’s a good mask. We’ve had success. I’ve had less failures with this, and more success rate. Now, this is just my experience and a few other people that I talked they’ve shared the same viewpoint. Once again, if you look online you can see there’s also a lot of success rate on this thing also.

With that I’m going to sign out. Once again, this is a Mirage Liberty Review . A Hybrid CPAP Mask made by Resmed. Sweet dreams.

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