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This is a video review for the Mirage FX Mask made by ResMed. This is a ResMed CPAP mask and this is one of their latest masks that came out, about two months ago – or that was my exposure to this

This is definitely one of the smallest masks they’ve made as of June 2011. They made this to combat one of their main competitors, Fisher and Paykel the Zest Mask . Very good cpap mask, the Zest, and the Mirage FX is here to compete with that cpap mask.

Let me show you about the Mirage FX. Very good for somebody who has claustrophobia because it really takes a very small amount of real estate on your face, very small space it takes on your face so if you are claustrophobic or you get anxious it’s a very good mask. You can read in bed.

I’m going to show you a couple things here. Can you see this stem here? That stem and look at this, see how wide the competitor’s is? This Mirage FX and the Sleep Weaver Advanced are the only two masks as of June 2011 as far as the CPAP nasal mask category goes they’re the best for reading in bed and watching TV in bed.

This is good for back sleepers, side sleepers, well side sleepers do have problems with leaks. That’s where people get a lot of leakage. The Mirage FX now comes in 3 sizes, a standard size cushion, small size and a wide size.

Now, somebody who is a stomach sleeper this is good. One of the reasons why this is good, I’m going to show this to you right here. Can you see this dot here? This is your exhalation port, so when you sleep in bed it doesn’t block the exhalation valve totally, which is a good thing and it’s not as dangerous. It does a good job is what I’m trying to say.

The cpap headgear is a very good cpap head gear, it’s called The Soft Edge. This fits most people, they have one that’s slightly smaller, it’s pink in color called Mirage FX for Her, it comes in a pink color and slightly smaller size. Otherwise, this is the only two sizes. It is very good.

One of the drawbacks of Resmed Mirage FX , I’m going to tell you a real big weakness of this right now, is the headgear comes off fairly easily when you’re sleeping, because of this. If you know all the other ResMed masks they have a quick disconnect clip here, it’s very good. Well, they’ve done away with it. What happens is it works its way out.

The way to do this is when you have the mask on – and by the way, a lot of people including myself when I tried this out had difficulty trying to pull this out. The way to do it, I’m going to teach you a trick, is put your thumb in here and then pull it out. Put your thumb over the loop of the strap and then slide it on. Once you do that it’s very easy to put it on.

Now, facial hair, it’s good so far for people who have thin facial hair, thin mustaches and thin beards. Really thick ones we haven’t had much success with people who have really thick beards and mustaches. So keep that in mind.

Another weakness here, and I’m going to show you, is this. I’m going to take this off and I need to show you this way. You must hold this by the stem. When you put the mask on do not hold it by the cushion part, you must hold it by the stem. What happens otherwise is if you hold it here this pops right out. Everybody who gets this mask will experience it until they remember to hold it by the stem. So that is a little bit of a weakness.

It has only four parts, you’ve got the headgear, the frame, this cushion part, and then the elbow is right here if you squeeze. It makes it really easy to take this apart, clean it, and put it back. All the other ResMed masks you have so many parts and we have a lot of people, especially somebody who is a little bit elderly or anyone who tends to forget things or are not mechanically they have difficulty putting the mask together. So this is a very good thing.

Just one more other thing. If you have allergies or colds, don’t use this, please use a full face mask. Otherwise, this is a fabulous mask.

Lately we’ve been putting this on people who’ve indicated that they are anxious or they complain of claustrophobia and they like this mask, it makes them use their CPAP more easily just because it’s a small lightweight mask. With that I’m signing out and I wish you sweet dreams.

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