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Hi. I am making a limited number of advertising opportunities available to individuals and companies that I believe are a good fit for my unique audience.

Once you have reviewed the advertising kit, please email us at to discuss what options are currently available. We look forward to partnering with you!

Very Interesting Facts Beyond The Analytics.

~  100% of our audience on our website, YouTube channel, and also who subscribe to our email newsletter have Sleep Apnea plus uses a CPAP machine. (Your desired target audience).

~  90% of our visitors show an interest in changing their CPAP mask if something better is available. They just don't know what is new and what may work comfortably for them. They are looking for recommendations from an authority figure in this field that can help them solve their concerns. (The remaining 10% state, they struggled for a long time to find the "perfect mask" and now that they have found it,  they are not even interested in looking further at this time.)

~ 80% have had their opinion about a product or a CPAP issue influenced by the editorial content of the website, videos,  our annotations on our YouTube videos and in our email newsletter.

~  75% have their interest piqued and influenced by the advertisements that have run on our website, videos,  our annotations on our YouTube videos and in our email newsletter.

~  About 60% have contacted their local medical equipment company after being introduced to a new CPAP mask, machine or CPAP accessory that has either been shown in an advertisement or we have mentioned in the editorial content of the website, videos, our annotations on our YouTube videos and in our email newsletter.

~  40% have searched Amazon for the very same product we have mentioned in our editorial content on the website, videos, our annotations on our youtube videos and in our email newsletter.

~  70% more likely to trust an advertiser we have mentioned  in our editorial content, visually have seen their ad on our website, mentioned in the annotation on our youtube videos and in our email newsletter.

~ About 50% of my patients (in the nondigital world) and website visitors do not entirely like their current CPAP mask  and are open to changing it. They are looking for recommendations from a reliable authority figure.

~  About, 40% of our visitors, are looking to buy a new CPAP machine (either as a travel CPAP or to replace their current machine)within the next 6 months. They are very open to recommendations.

~ About 60%, of my sleep apnea patients, know other people (friends/family/ colleagues) who own a CPAP machine but will not use it. They are willing to give these friends/family/ colleagues recommendations plus advice regarding what worked for them.

~ About 80% of our website/youtube/email newsletter subscribers/ and my patients (offline) know friends/family/ colleagues whom they suspect has sleep apnea. They would willingly recommend the brand plus model of CPAP machine and mask they use to them.

~  100% of our visitors are looking for advice from a knowledgeable person they can trust and for recommendations plus solutions to their problems.

In the non-digital (offline) world :

~  97% of the patients I see are looking for my recommendation on what type of CPAP mask they should use for the first time. (Only about 3% of the sleep physicians I work with are very specific on what they think the type, brand, and model of CPAP MASK their  sleep apnea patients should use. )

~ 100% of the CPAP users who dislike their current new CPAP mask (around 50%) want to exchange their CPAP mask under the 30-Day Mask Exchange policy. They fully rely on my recommendation on what the next CPAP mask should be.

~  50% of the choice of brand for a new CPAP machine  for a newly diagnosed sleep apnea patient is left to my discretion. ( 50% of the sleep physician are very specific when writing the prescription as for the brand the CPAP machine they want their sleep apnea patient's to be set up with.) 

Average Audience Traffic On Our Website.

Average Monthly Page Views : 40,820

Average Monthly Unique Visitors : 14,312

Average Audience Traffic On Our YouTube Channel

Average Total Views: 1,596,817

Average Subscribers : 3,272 ( Averaging between 5 to 8 new subscribers a day)

Average Minutes Watched A Month: 75,392

Average Views a Month : 28,959

Our Email Newsletter

Average Total Subscriber = 3,591

New Subscribers Per Day = Between 7 to 10 on average