I hate the Respironics Comfort Gel flaps!

by Carol
(Fort Payne, AL)

I've been using a Bi-Pap for many years and always bought the Respironics ComfortGel Mask. It was a simple soft gel cushion that conformed to my face and I loved it.

Now the cushion for that mask has been replaced with a lighter (thinner) gel cushion and a flap that fits over it and holds it on. I hate flaps! In addition to the extra cost for the two separate pieces, the cushion itself has a ridge of plastic or silicone (whatever) inside it that literally cuts into my skin. It's s so uncomfortable that I have to fold the lower part of the cushion under to direct that ridge away from my skin. This causes the mask to leak on the sides.

What a rip-off! Is there anywhere that I can get the original old style ComfortGel cushion or mask? If not, can someone recommend a mask that will work for me?


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May 28, 2012
Try This Out
by: CpapHelpDesk

1. You can still find the original Respironics Comfort Gel masks from online internet Home Medical Equipment Companies. Check out www.cpap.com . Just google “cpap mask” and you will see a host of companies.

2. I know you may not like the answer but Try calling various Home Medical Equipment companies in your area. They might have them still collecting dust on their shelves. They might match the internet prices without you having to pay for the shipping.

3. The Comfort Gel mask was replaced with ComfortGel Blue and now what will be replacing it (at least that’s what I have been told…..the “True Blue”).

4. The purpose of the Comfort Flap is to reduce leaks and add to the comfort. It is made from Silicone.

5. This is my advice to you before you spend any money:
a) Watch the video reviews I created for the various masks I mention below, so you see the strengths and weaknesses it possess. Also look for reviews of the various masks elsewhere on the internet . In these videos you get to see what our patients hate & love about it. You want to get other perspectives also. Once you are armed with this knowledge then do (b).
b) Make an appointment and physically go to your Home Medical Equipment company’s office . The purpose is to have them show you and let you try the various sample nasal CPAP masks they have.
c) Please bring your BIPAP, Power chord and Tubing with you and actually try it out . I know this sounds trivial but trust me you must bring them. Many home care companies will not have an extra power chord handy, a spare BiPAP or a CPAP tubing for you to test the mask with.
d) You must try out the mask on your physician prescribed BiPAP settings. Not at the ramp settings. This is one of the best way to evaluate how the mask feels and how it might perform on those BiPAP settings.

6. As of todays date …. The masks that have some type of gel in them that I would recommend are:
a)Philips Respironics is - True Blue, Easy Life
b) Resmed - in the gel family they have The Mirage Soft Gel
c) Fisher & Paykel - The Zest ( it does not have a gel but they have a foam like insert in the mask. )

7. Is it possible you are strapping it on to tight? I know the gel is not as thick as it once used to be but still you should not be overtightening. The newer Respironics masks have a newer technology that help seals the mask a lot better than their older masks did.

8. Be willing to try any other mask I did not mention also. You never know unless you try.

9. Once you narrow down the mask you like, please have them measure your nose. To get a better fit. Measuring is important.

10. Ask if the company provides a 30 day Mask replacement policy. Meaning you can exchange the mask one time for free if you don’t like the new mask. Some Home Care Companies do provide this beneficial service.

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