husband seems to sneeze constantly when uses bi-pap machine

My husband has replaced the mask, the machine, the filters , sterilized everything and just won't wear his mask because he sneezes repeatly while using it. I saw your video and as I have allergies and seasonal asthma, I assure you the bedroom is like a pure environment....I have a hepa filter vacumn, hepa air purifier, humidifier and all pillows, mattresses covers have allergy preventive material, I was sheets, mattress pads and protectors at least once a I know I am doing the right things. If everything has been replaced multiple times on the Bi Pap and I really think he is allergic to the mask & there another material that we should ask for? I am worried as he has had 2 stokes in the past year and still will not use it because of sneezing fits.

thank you...

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Jul 23, 2012
by: CpapHelpDesk

• Most CPAP masks are made from Silicone. However he could try a mask that is made out of cloth. Watch this video review I made about it. The mask is called Sleep Weaver Advance

• He could use a CPAP chin strap with this mask if he opens his mouth.

• Try pre-warming the CPAP/BiPAP distilled water before use if his unit has the capability for it. The goal here is to receive plenty of humidification the moment he turns the “on” button. Also raise the heater setting. The higher the heater setting, the warmer the “hot plate” becomes and thus you get more moisture. He could be responding to the nasal dryness. We have seen this many times and are quickly resolved by simply raising the heater level on the BiPAP heated humidifier.

• Have your husband try using the BiPAP during the daytime in front of the TV. Watch him and time him. How long into the use does his sneezing begin? Is it immediately or 1 hour later? Then inform the doctor of your findings.

• Ask the doctor if he should medicate himself for the sneezing just before bedtime so that he could sleep with his BiPAP. (This may be a dumb idea but nevertheless gets the sleep specialist thinking along those lines to come up with a “safe” solution unique to your husband’s current medical condition/history.)

• Ask the Home Medical Equipment Company what they suggest. I am sure they have had this kind of complaints before.

• Go on the many CPAP forums and ask people there. Your husband is not alone with this problem.

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